The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company 

It would be very difficult to go throughout your life without hearing the word “Disney”. In terms of revenue the Walt Disney Company is one of the largest multinational media conglomerates in the world. This company filters into our lives through television, movies, music soundtracks, websites, all different kinds of apparel, theme parks, and vacation destinations. The Walt Disney company continues to become more powerful through its globalization in Latin America, China, Russia, India, Japan, the Middle East, and Africa. This company became incredibly popular through its entertainment value that attracts people of all different cultures, ages, and genders.

Ownership Map Full ownership map can be found here

Film and Theater

  • Touchstone Pictures
  • Marvel Entertainment
  • Walt Disney Pictures
  • Pixar Animation


  • Disney Music Group
  • Hollywood Records
  • Walt Disney Records


  • ABC-Owned Television Stations Group
  • ABC Family
  • ABC Studios
  • A&E Television Networks
  • The Biography Channel
  • Disney Channel Worldwide
  • ESPN along with and


  • Hyperion Books
  • ABC Daytime Press
  • Mirimax Books
  • Disney Publishing Worldwide
  • Disney Digital Books
  • Disney Global Book Group
  • ESPN The Magazine along with ESPN Books

Parks and Resorts

  • Adventures by Disney
  • Disney Cruise Line
  • Disneyland Resort
  • Disneyland Resort in Paris (51%), Shanghai (43%), Hong Kong (48%),
  • Walt Disney Imagineering
  • Walt Disney World Resort


  • The Baby Einstein Company
  • Club Penguin
  • Disney Consumer Products including apparel, accessories, fashion, home, food, health, beauty, and toys.
  • Disney Interactive Media Group
  • El Capitan Theatre
  • The Muppets Studio
  • UTV Software communications

Disney’s take over of ESPN is considered there biggest horizontal integration, because the company doesn’t form a part of the production process of any Disney productions. Their take over of ABC however is considered there most major form of vertical integration because the TV network forms a place where Disney can broadcast its productions, and advertise their merchandise.

To conclude this I believe the thing The Walt Disney Company does best as such a huge conglomerate is feed off of its own synergy. They use their connections to other large companies as an advantage and a way to make profit. For example any movie Disney produces creates an unbelievable amount of advertisement for other companies. These advertisements would include the toys sold in stores and with kids meals, promotion for radio stations and movie cinemas, t.v. channels, video/computer games, virtually anything you could possibly think of. They target the public in multiple directions from multiple places and that is why they are and will continue to be one of the most successful companies world wide.


3 thoughts on “The Walt Disney Company”

  1. I want to pick up on what you first said, that its hard to have never heard the word “Disney”. It seem’s to me, from my perspective that Disney has made a name for themselves world wide. Mickey is known around the world! Disney has obviously grown since the beginning with Mickey Mouse, but having such an iconic name and loved character has made expansion much easier

  2. I think it is a really good point that you brought up that Disney has been around in forms of theme parks, music, etc. so they are well known to everyone. Also, the merger of Disney with ESPN is very interesting…I didn’t know that until I just read it here. The fact that they are two completely unrelated companies (besides having TV stations) is really interesting. That is definitely a huge merger.

  3. I think it’s interesting sometimes we see companies like Disney as ones that are devoted to entertainment and enjoy it, but if they’re merging with so many unrelated companies it makes it seem like they don’t care much about providing one unique product and are more interested in mass production.

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