Time Warner Inc.

Time Warner Inc. is a massive global media conglomerate with holdings in various forms of media ranging from cable television to entertainment magazines. Time Warner recognizes the scale of their collaboration and maintains the goal of distributing high-quality media content to people worldwide. Home Box Office (HBO), Turner Broadcasting System, Warner Bros. Entertainment, and Time Inc. constitute this enterprise, creating products in television, film and publishing.

Ownership Map: Time Warner’s influence spans all aspects of popular media today. This ownership map displays some of the significant products and companies (the list seems endless) that are holdings of Time Warner Inc. For a more complete ownership map click HERE.

Home Box Office (HBO-Cable)

  • Cinemax
  • Cinemax On Demand
  • HBO
  • HBO2
  • HBO Comedy
  • HBO Family
  • HBO Go
  • HBO Home Entertainment
  • HBO On Demand
  • HBO Signature
  • HBO Zone
  • MAX

Turner Broadcasting System (Television and Web)

  • Adult Swim
  • Amo El Cine
  • Boomerang
  • Cartoonito
  • Cartoon Network
  • Cartoon Network Too
  • CNN/U.S.
  • CNN.com
  • CNNRadio
  • Glitz*
  • HTV
  • HLN
  • I-SAT
  • Much Music
  • NASCAR.com
  • Peachtree TV
  • PGA.com
  • Pogo
  • TBS
  • TheSmokingGun.com
  • TNT HD
  • Tooncast
  • Toonami
  • truTV
  • Turner Classic Movies
  • Turner Network Television
  • Turner Sports
  • Joint Ventures
  • Q-TV
  • WB
  • Warner Channel

Warner Bros. Entertainment (Film)

  • DC Entertainment
  • DC Comics
  • DC Universe
  • DCUniverseOnline.com
  • MAD Magazine
  • Vertigo
  • Flixster
  • New Line Cinema
  • Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Warner Bros. Television Group
  • Warner Bros. Animation
  • The CW Television Network
  • Studio 2.0
  • Telepictures Productions
  • Warner Bros. Television
  • Warner Horizon Television
  • Warner Bros. Theatre Venture

Time Inc. (Print)

  • Coastal Living
  • Cooking Light
  • Entertainment Weekly
  • Essence
  • Fortune
  • Golf Magazine
  • Health
  • InStyle
  • Money
  • People
  • Real Simple
  • Sports Illustrated
  • Sports Illustrated Kids
  • Southern Living
  • Sunset
  • Time U.S.
  • FanNation.com
  • LIFE.com
  • MyRecipes.com
  • ELLE
  • InStyle
  • Life and Style
  • Homes & Gardens
  • Horse & Hound
  • Marie Claire

Time Warner Investments Group

  • Adaptly
  • Adify
  • Admeld
  • Arroyo
  • Bigband Networks
  • Bluefin Labs
  • BroadLogic
  • Conviva
  • CrowdStar
  • Dynamic Signal
  • Double Fusion
  • Everyday Health
  • Exent
  • Gaia Online
  • GetGlue
  • GoldPocket
  • Glu Mobile
  • Kosmix
  • Maker Studios
  • MediaVast
  • Meebo
  • N2 Broadband
  • Nuvo TV
  • PlanetOut Inc.
  • PlaySpan
  • ScanScout
  • Simulmedia
  • SkyStream Networks
  • Tremor Video
  • Trion Worlds
  • Tumri
  • Turbine
  • Vindigo
  • Visible World

Time Warner seems to be constantly changing, however continues to maintain its power in the world of media. Time Warner Inc., formerly AOL Time Warner, was created when Warner Communications, Inc. and Time Inc. joined forces. As Time Warner has grown, so have the companies within it, some gaining enough influence to spin-off into their own independent companies. AOL, Warner Music Group, and Time Warner Cable all used to be owned by Time Warner Inc. but are now self-sufficient. Time Inc., the publisher of many popular magazines, will become an independent company later this year (Wikipedia).

Time Warner Inc. was both vertically and horizontally integrated when it was first established. It owned companies that produced various forms of media, but also several aspects of production of a single media product. For example, Time Warner owned the means to cable television (Time Warner Cable) as well as the cable channels themselves (HBO). As companies have dispersed and separated from Time Warner, this conglomerate has become primarily horizontally integrated, focusing on television, film, and magazine publishing. Time Warner has proven that it can withstand internal changes, demonstrating that its role as one of the major media corporations both in the United States and globally has longevity.

Time Warner employed nearly 34,000 people as of December 2012 and had a 2012 revenue of around 28.7 billion dollars. The size and scale of this corporation blows me away, but I am not surprised that it has had success given the nature of its products. It is clear that entertainment sells, and entertaining the masses through multiple means is a priority for Time Warner Inc. Movies, magazines, and cable television are amusing, often informative, and are ways in which people fill their time. I know that I have supported Time Warner through my love of People magazine and HBO movies. Time Warner Inc. has taken notice of what components of media consumers enjoy and used this information to create an incredibly successful, dominant, and influential corporation through the synergy of a diverse conglomeration of products and companies.

5 thoughts on “Time Warner Inc.”

  1. I am interested to hear that some larger companies have “spun off” into their own companies. It is confusing as to why some companies can become independent from Time Warner, while the corporation is continually buying other companies. Wouldn’t Time Warner want to hold on to these really successful companies? Or do they not have a choice to let go or not?

    1. It was actually Time Warner’s decision to spin-off these companies where they then become independent public companies. In the both the case of the AOL and Time, Inc. spin-offs, Time Warner was and is currently acting in what it believe to be its best interests. Shareholders from Time Warner still own their shares in these companies, so they are still owned by the people of Time Warner in a sense, but are no longer associated with the company’s name. The separation from Time, Inc. will make Time Warner an exclusively cable and movie production company. The movie and television industry brings the company more revenue than magazines which were hit harder during the recession. These spin-offs actually help Time Warner earn a higher profit on products people want, and for this reason they let this seemingly successful companies go out on their own. This article is helpful in understanding the separation: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/08/business/media/time-warners-spinoff-plan-returns-to-basics.html?_r=0

  2. I researched Time Warner for another class and it’s actually insane how they, along with Comcast absolutely dominate the cable industry. Think of this, not only does Time Warner dominate your cable (outside of comcast), but when you want to watch HULU, NETFLIX, or even xfinity which is a comcast base, you are going through Time Warner because of what they own! Time warner monopolizes the TV/ cable entertainment industry as a whole and its incredible how they pretty much own us.

  3. TimeWarner’s holdings are incredible! It is almost hard to believe that it is legal for one company to have such vast power. Additionally, it is interesting to see how the company integrated horizontally as well as vertically. This “double integration” obviously contributed to the company’s expansion. Given TimeWarner’s history, it should be interesting to see what other companies come under its gigantic wings in the future.

  4. Time Warner truly amazes me! Even though it started out as a company that had both horizontal and vertical integration and now it is more so horizontal because of various companies leaving, it is still standing its successful ground. It is unreal how this company had made about 29 billion dollars in just 2012! I think one thing that Time Warner does that not all companies do is looking at how it effects its consumers and what they enjoy most. Time Warner really lets its audience speak to them and creates its success from there.

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