Viacom, INC.

Viacom, Inc. is a global mass media company based in New York City, NY. The conglomerate has primary ownership in the realm of United States cinema and television. Viacom owns a large list of subsidiaries, or “a company that is completely or partly owned by another corporation”. This corporation in this case, is Viacom. Viacom is now the fourth-largest media conglomerate in the world following the Walt Disney Company, Time Warner, and 21st Century Fox. Viacom reaches about 700 million global subscribers through their cable networks, film corporations, and various web pages. Below is a list of Viacom’s most notable holdings/subsidiaries:

Ownership Map:

Cable Networks


BET Networks


BET Event Productions

BET Hip Hop

BET Pictures


CMT On Demand

CMT Pure Country

CMT Radio

Comedy Central


MTV Networks


MTV Hits

MTV Jams


MTV Boombox


TMF (The Music Factory)


Nick at Nite

Nick Jr.


Nick Arcade

Nickelodeon Consumer Products

Nicktoons Network




Spike TV

Spike Filmed Entertainment

TV Land


VH1 Classic

Viacom International Media Networks


Paramount Pictures Corporation

MTV Films

Nickelodeon Movies

Paramount Animation

Paramount Home Entertainment

Paramount Pictures

Viacom Digital



**You can find the full list on their website


Viacom is short for VIdeo & Audio COMmunications. It is clear that that name fits them well as most of the subsidiary companies they own, are television channels and film companies that we recognize. Before doing this assignment, I didn’t know exactly what Viacom was and had never heard the name except in past film classes I have taken. However, when looking over the list, I was amazed by the amount of holdings in the film and television industry they have. While “Viacom” may not come up in every day conversation, a lot of these TV channels are ones that most of us have grown up with and are still part of our daily lives. It’s crazy to think about Viacom’s influence on my life personally. When I was younger, I religiously watched television shows on Nickelodeon. As I got older, I became more interested in music and turned to MTV, VH1 and CMT for a lot of my entertainment. I have also seen and enjoyed many movies produced by Paramount Pictures over the years. All of these companies have had an imprint on my life and many of yours too, I’m sure. However, I had no idea that it is Viacom who owned these companies and promoted all of the branding that came from them.

Owning all of these companies creates a synergistic work environment and allows Viacom to support these companies and for the companies to give back in money and popularity. One example of this is when the Rugrats movie came out in 1998. Viacom helped Nickelodeon by providing them with $100 million dollar support. Their sister companies, VH1 and Showtime, each aired a half-an-hour special about the upcoming film to encourage their viewers to see the movie. Entertainment Tonight, a Paramount Television show, also promoted the show by showing segments and creating hype around its release. All of the hype surrounding the film would, in turn, return profits to Viacom and would create opportunities for the branding of toys, clothing, VHS tapes, etc. These too, would provide Viacom with additional revenue. The Viacom Conglomeration’s impact in the media industry has been hefty thus far. The companies have been successful in creating a cooperative environment and returning profits to benefit all, making them the fourth largest media industry to influence our lives in such a profound way.

The information I used and more information can be found at the following sites:

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