Sony Corporation

Growing up, I had a Sony auxiliary system and CD player in my house.  I remember because every time I pressed the power button, the logo was right there at the tip of my finger; you couldn’t miss it.  But lately more and more often I see the name Sony in places that I definitely did not used to.  And many of these things that have the Sony logo on them are definitely not CD players.  It really is amazing to see how much the companies of today have grown.


Below is an ownership map of the Sony Corporation and a few of the companies it owns.



Sony Electronics

Sony Pictures Entertainment (Film)

Columbia Tristar Motion Picture Group (Columbia Pictures)

Sony Music

Columbia/Epic Label Group (Columbia Records, Epic Records, American Recordings)

RCA/JIVE Label Group

Provident Label Group

Sony Music Commercial Music Group

Sony Music Latin

Sony Music Nashville

Music Choice Video and Music Network

VEVO (Partnership)

Sony Pictures Television Group



Cinemax (Latin America)



HBO (Latin America)

TV1 (Australia)

Sony Games



Though Sony’s Holdings might not be as extensive as some other companies, they own all of Columbia Pictures and Columbia Records and they own the PlayStation brand, along with still marketing and producing “900 million Sony devices in hands and homes worldwide today”.  Their major products are TVs, cameras and other digital imaging electronics, DVD and Blu-Ray players, PCs, and even some professional-use and medical equipment.  I was surprised to learn that Sony owned PlayStation and Columbia Pictures/Records.  Even though Sony is not one of the “Big 6” companies that own most of the media today, I could infer that Sony probably has a partnership with Time Warner because they are the owners of HBO and Cinemax and Sony holds some of those stations internationally. Time Warner does not however own Sony.  The Sony website also states that “In 2012, Sony led the movie, television and music industries with 21 Academy Award, 25 Golden Globe and 78 Grammy nominations”.  I never thought that a digital camera company could have the most Grammy nominations.  With all of these products in the market and companies under its ownership, it is no wonder that last year Sony had about $72 billion dollars of sales.  I never knew that Sony owned so many companies and organizations and had so much influence in the film and music industries, while still creating electronics.


I got this information from Columbia Journalism Review and from the Sony Corporation websites:




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