Sony Corporation

Sony Corporation

 Sony Corporation, founded in 1960, is a conglomerate centered in Tokyo, Japan. Sony distributes of an expansive variety of businesses, their most successful being in the electronic field. Sony is one of the world’s principal electronic producers, ranked 87th on the Fortune Global 500 list in 2012. Sony is also included in the Worldwide Top 20 Semiconductor Sales Leaders as well as being the third –largest television provider worldwide. Its main emphases are in electronics, fincancial services, and game entertainment. Sony is an incredibly powerful corporation with many holdings in a diverse list of companies.


Sony’s Major Holdings: 


Columbia/ Epic Label Group

RCA/Jive Label Group

Sony Music Commercial Music Group

Sony Music Latin

Sony Music Nashville

Sony/ATV Music Publishing

SYCO (Partnership)

VEVO (Partnership)



Columbia Pictures

Sony Pictures Animation

Sony Pictures Studio

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Sony Pictures Technologies

Sony Pictures International

Sony Pictures Imageworks Interactive

Screen Gems

Sony Pictures Classics






AXN Mistery

Channel 8


Cinemax (Latin America)

HBO (Latin America)

Premium Movie Partnership (Australia)

TV1 (Australia)



Sony Card Marketing and Services Company


Sony Electronics

Sony Entertainment Distribution

Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications


Sony Pictures Consumer Products


(A complete list of Sony Corporation’s Holdings can be found at


            Quite a lot of vertical integration was evident in my findings. In 2002, Sony was reported to be moving towards a vertical strategy by Sony Corporation of Americas CFO and VP, Rob Weisenthal. Unlike other major conglomerates, Sony has historically been more interested in diversifying their operations, rather than taking control of entire industries. As a result, Sony has saved around $125 million through vertical integration. In the past, Sony has shown signs of horizontal integration as well, like merging with Zenith. However, the majority of their major holdings are either within the conglomerate itself as well as several partnerships.


I found it interesting to research a company with so much power that primarily practices vertical integration. Many of the world’s most successful corporations gained their success through buying out other companies and taking control of entire industries. AT and T, for instance, has control over the vast majority of telephone communications. Though Sony, too, is very powerful, it is also quite diverse and surprisingly independent. The company has managed to have a major role in several industries, including, but not limited to, Music, Film, TV, and Electronics. Sony continues to bring in revenue from all fields, without buying out specific industries or being overly dependent on many other corporations. Sony also has a lot of international success and standing. Though I did find some instances of horizontal integration, I enjoyed seeing a company that is primarily independent, unlike many other conglomerates. I also was interested to see the wide range of companies they possess, like RCA and Columbia pictures.




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