The Comcast Corporation – Jack Courtney


The Comcast Corporation is a media conglomerate that has the highest revenue of any media and communication company in the world.  The original Comcast Cable Company was founded in 1963 and has done nothing but grow ever since.  Comcast is the largest home-phone service provider in the U.S. but also boast holdings in media, Internet, cable, and even sports and sports franchises. 


The Complete Holdings of Comcast





  • Universal Pictures
  • Focus Features
  • Universal Studios Home Entertainment




  • Xfinity
  • AT&T Broadband
  • Susquehanna Communications CO.
  • Adelphia Communications CO.
  • Comcast Cable Communication CO.
  • Patriot Media
  • Commuter Cable


Programming/Broadcast Companies:


  • The Comcast Network
  • Comcast Sports Network (Covers most major parts of U.S.)
  • Sports Net New York
  • MLB Network
  • Comcast Sports Southeast
  • Comcast Television
  • E! Networks
  • E! Entertainment
  • NBC Sports Network
  • Golf Channel
  • AZN Television
  • Exercise TV
  • FEARnet
  • NHL Network and NHL Center Ice


Sports Teams/Ventures:


  • Philadelphia Flyers
  • Comcast-Spectator
  • Wells Fargo Center
  • Global Spectrum
  • Ovations Food Services
  • Front Row Marketing
  • Paciolan
  • New Era Tickets
  • Flyers Skate Zone


Other Assorted Business Ventures:


  • Comcast Interactive Capital
  • Comcast Spectator
  • Comcast Spotlight
  • Comcast Interactive Media


Joint Ventures With Other Corporations:


  • TV One
  • TV Works (owns 67%)
  • Guideworks (owns 51%, controlling shares)
  • PBS kids
  • NBC Universal




  • XFINITY Internet


Parks And Resorts:


  • Universal Parks and Resorts


Spanish Language Programming (Taken from Columbia Journalism Review):



KVEA (Los Angeles)

WNJU (New York)

WSCV (Miami)

KTMD (Houston)

WSNS (Chicago)

KXTX (Dallas/Fort Worth)

KVDA (San Antonio)

KSTS (San Francisco/San Jose)

KTAZ (Phoenix)

KNSO (Fresno)

KDEN (Denver)

KBLR (Las Vegas)

WNEU (Boston/Merrimack)

KHRR (Tucson)

WKAQ (Puerto Rico)

KWHY (Los Angeles) (Independent)



Culmination of findings:


            I found the results of my research on the Comcast Corporation to be both enlightening and surprising.  I really had no idea that Comcast had such a diverse portfolio when it came to its holdings.  Two of the things that stood out the most to me are their ownership of the Philadelphia Flyers and their ownership of Universal Parks and Resorts.  These are, at least in my eyes, uncommon holdings for a media conglomerate to possess.  In the spirit of what we have been discussing in class as of late this may cause some inconsistencies in their media coverage.  The fact that Comcast also controls one of the largest sports networks in the country could propagate a certain amount of bias when covering their own NHL team.  As for Universal Parks and Resorts, a similar issue could arise with bias media coverage of anything pertaining to their parks. 

            All told, the portfolio of business and media outlets that the Comcast Corporation controls is astounding.  They really have a piece of the pie in a wide array of different types of ventures.  It is entirely possible for a reader or viewer to explore many different types of media while only subscribing to those owned and controlled by comast.  This illustrates a definite influential power on the part of Comcast to control what is in the media. 











3 thoughts on “The Comcast Corporation – Jack Courtney”

  1. It’s amazing how Comcast was already, practically, the number one cable company in the US all together. After it bought NBC Universal, being approved by the FTC, it now I believe is above Time Warner another cable company. Comcast all together I think has created a monopoly, at least dealing with the cable aspect and everything that comes of it! Great post!

  2. I think that it is very interesting that Comcast owns Universal. This is because Comcast is already a huge company for TV, and I did not know they owned Universal Pictures and Studios. They are truly a conglomerate of huge companies, including the soon to be Time Warner merger.

  3. Considering not many people own land-line phones anymore, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Comcast buy out even more big companies to make up for that. Not saying it will go away all together anytime soon, but it is most likely something they are considering replacing.

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