The CBS Corporation is a world – renowned mass media conglomerate. Nicknamed, “The Eye”, for their long-standing success among media giants. They continue to deliver industry-leading content across a multitude of platforms. See their holdings below and the success will speak for itself.

The complete ownership map can be found at this website http://


TV: Twenty-nine television stations and CBS Television Studios; CBS Entertainment; CBS News; CBS Sports; CBS television stations; CBS Television Studios; CBS Studios International; CBS Television Distribution; the CW; Showtime; CBS College Sports Network; CBS Television Network; Smithsonian Networks

Radio: CBS Radio and 130 radio stations on stations across the country.

Online Holdings: CBS Interactive; CNET

Print: Simon & Schuster; Watch! Magazine; Pocket Books; Scribner; Free Press (publishing house)

Entertainment: CBS Films

Other: Other: CBS Outdoor; CBS Connections; EcoMedia

The Company’s operations span virtually every field of media and entertainment, including cable, publishing, radio, local TV, film, outdoor advertising, and interactive and socially responsible media. Their slogan is, “America’s Most Watched Network.” Their major stake and globalization lies in their broadcast. CBS Studios International is the leading supplier of programming to the international marketplace.

I find it fascinating that conglomerates can be vertically and horizontally integrated. They can invest and prosper in any field of media. Vertical Integration is represented in their Distribution channels, Production divisions, Exhibition Venues. Horizontal integration is represented in their presence in all media fields, publishing, radio, television, etc.

After the split with fellow conglomerate, Viacom, CBS corporation holds the CBS Television sector at its core. Thriving among CBS’s “under performers”  such as Columbia Records and the CBS Technology Center.

There is no way the power and influence of the CBS conglomerate could be summarized in one page. With that being said, I think it is a testament to their broad presence in every field that touches lives daily. I enjoyed taking the time to read about the CBS Corporation and how it continues to grow and flourish, while the public proceeds to immerse itself in media daily. They take their power extremely seriously and are aware of the lives they can truthfully inform and inspire.

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One thought on “CBS CORPORATION”

  1. Kate, me again. I thought this blog was really interesting. I guess I’ve always known that these companies have their hand in a lot of different things but to see just how much they actually own is mind-blowing. CBS is almost always in our lives, on our tvs, and we hardly realize it.

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