ESPN “The World Wide Leader In Sports”

Entertainment and Sports Programming Network is the largest sports broadcasting company in the world.  ESPN has its headquarters stationed in Bristol, Connecticut.  ESPN does not only have a television station but also owns a website and a magazine.  ESPN is not only an American media conglomerate, but a worldwide company. Including the U.S, ESPN has stations in Mexico, Spain, Australia, Brazil and the U.K.  In 2012, ESPN opened a second broadcasting station in LA to help compliment the already successful station in Connecticut. 


Below is an ownership map of the companies and programs that are owned by ESPN.


TV:  Sports Center, Baseball Tonight, College GameDay, College Football Final, College Football Live, College Football Scoreboard, College GameNight, Midnight Madness, E:60, ESPN FC, MMA Live, Monday Night Countdown, NASCAR Countdown, NASCAR Now, NBA Coast to Coast, NBA Countdown, NFL Live, NFL Matchup, NFL Primetime, NBA Fastbreak, NBA Shootaround, Outside the Lines First Report, Sunday NFL Countdown, The Beat, The Trifecta, WNBA Shootaround, World Cup Live.

Talk/Debate: Around The Horn, Dan Le Batard is Highly Questionable, First Take, Mike and Mike in the Morning, Numbers Never Lie, Outside the Lines Sunday, Pardon the Interruption, The Sports Reporters, Best of Mike and Mike, SportsNation, Winners Bracket.

Original Series: Battle of the Gridiron Stars, The Bronx is Burning, The Contender, ESPN2 Block Party, ESPN2 Garage, Madden Nation, NBA Live: Bring It Home, The New American Sportsman, Teammates, Tilt, World Series of Poker, 30 for 30, Nine for IX.

Game Telecasts: ACC Wednesday, Big Monday, ESPN College Football Saturday Primetime, ESPN College Football Thursday Primetime, ESPN2 College Football Friday Primetime, ESPN2 College Football Saturday Primetime, ESPN Full Circle, Friday Night Fights, Monday Night Baseball, Monday Night Football, NASCAR on ESPN, NBA Friday, NBA Wednesday, Professional Bowlers Association, Saturday Primetime, Sunday Night Baseball, Super Tuesday, Throwdown Thursday, Wednesday Night Baseball, Wednesday Night Fights, Wimbledon, WNBA Tuesday.

Print:  ESPN The Magazine.

Entertainment/ Miscellaneous: ESPY Awards, ESPN The Magazine, The ESPN Sports Poll, ESPN Broadband, ESPN Books,, ESPN Deportes La Revista, ESPN Integration, ESPN MVP, ESPN Online Games, College football bowl games, X Games.



ESPN is an extremely successful media conglomerate whose majority owner is none other than the infamous Disney.  ESPN was founded on September 7, 1979 by a man by the name of Bill Rasmussen.  Chet Simmons is the only President and CEO to serve since the start of ESPN.   Since the grand opening of this illustrious company, they have done nothing but increase their value and spread across the world.  Every company needs money to start up and the Getty Oil Company provided that funding for the kicking off of ESPN.  The biggest money maker for ESPN is its flagship program, Sports Center.  Sports Center came along with the ESPN start up and has been the main show on ESPN ever since.


ESPN does quite a bit of both vertical and horizontal integration.  They use the same type of media, that being sports, to accumulate their wealth.  They have many shows that touch different audiences but are similar.  They have expanded form their original TV station to many different media outlets.  Including television, they now have radio, print and Internet.  ESPN is able to influence their viewers in nearly anyway they would like because like their slogan says, they are “The World Wide Leader in Sports”. There is no other sports/media conglomerate in the world that compares to the mass audience that ESPN touches on a daily basis.





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