News Corp

News Corp Ownership Map

  • Fox News Channel
  • Fox Business Network
  • Fox Movie Channel
  • FX
  • National Geographic Channel United States
  • Twentieth Century Fox
  • Twentieth Century Fox Espanol
  • Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
  • New York Post
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Fox Music
  • Harper Collins Publishers
  • Star
  • YES Network

For entire ownership map click here.

News Corp was founded in 1979 as a holding company for News Limited by Rupert Murdoch.   News Limited owned several news papers in both Australia and the United States.  News Corps growth was fueled by the acquisition of  many companies in many different markets.  Spanning every outlet of the media market (books, TV, movies, ect…) in many countries News Corp has become a media super power throughout the world.

News Corp has done many things right to become the company that it is today, two of the most important of these are integration and synergy.  Through the acquisition of one, if not many, companies in each of the media markets the company has become horizontally integrated.  News Corp also has a hand full of holdings in technology related fields such as NDS Group, who develops TV related software.  News Outdoor Group ,another subsidiary of New Corp, “was at the largest outdoor advertising company in Eastern Europe” until beginning to sell many of its divisions in recent years. Many of News Corps subsidiaries, like NDS Group and New Outdoor Group, have connections to the media industry.  Through the ownership of these companies News Corp creates vertical integration.

Both the vertical and horizontal integration contribute to News Corp’s “synergy”.  Cross promotion of products through multiple  medias can save money on advertising and help to reach different audiences.  An example of this could be Fox News talking about a new book that Harper Collins Publishers recently published.  The book would get publicity by being talked about on TV.  In turn the publishing company would put a quote from Fox News on the book somewhere.  Having TV companies and software companies under the same conglomeration provides many opportunities for to create efficiency and cut costs.  NDS Group can easily collaborate with each  of News Corp’s TV stations to create software that fits each station’s needs exactly.  Other software companies may make similar software but would not be as inclined to taylor it to an specific stations needs.  Without “synergy” and integration News Corp would have long been eaten up by another company very similar to itself.

When looking at News Corp’s holdings I immediately recognized several of the companies, but I was not surprised  because of the endless list of subsidiaries.  One thing that did surprise me was that a Australian based company has become one of the largest media powers in the United States.  After looking into News Corp I have many more questions than answers.  The power of the media should not be in the hands of so few people.


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