Sony Corporation

Sony is a multinational conglomerate based out of Japan.  Sony has four different operating systems:  Electronics, motion pictures, music, and financial services.  But, Sony is most recognized for their electronic products like phones and TVs.  Sony currently holds the status as the third-largest TV manufacturer in the world.

Film holdings:

Columbia pictures

Screen Gems

Tristar pictures

Sony pictures classics

Sony pictures animations

Sony pictures studios

Sony pictures imageworks interactive

Sony pictures home interactive

Music holdings:

Columbia/Epic label group

RCA/JIVE label group

Provident label group

TV holdings:






Cinemax (Latin America)

Sony corporation is a conglomerate meaning that it is a corporation consisting of many different companies that run independently, and work in separate businesses.  Since sony is a conglomerate of many different areas of the electronics industry, they have more power because they can compete with other corporations in almost every aspect of electronics.  In addition to this, they own much of the software that is used on their devices, like Music Unlimited.  This is an example of vertical integration, because they are able to make two products in the form of one without having to pay another company to provide services for them.  According to a news article written last year, the electronics segment of Sony is declining, and it’s not as profitable for the corporation as the other segments like music, film, and even life insurance.

I was surprised to find that electronics was Sony’s biggest expense.  It seems like ever since I learned what Sony was, I always thought of them as a camera company that became a big TV manufacturer too.  Then I eventually realized that they owned a lot of other things that I had seen on my phone, laptop, or game system.  Although this article makes it seem like Sony electronics is doomed, I don’t think Sony would ever drop that aspect of the company.  It is too valuable considering its popularity, and how much the other companies they own depend on it.


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