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Playdom, Inc.

The Walt Disney Company started in October of 1923 as the Disney Brother’s Cartoon Studio. A household name ever since, Disney has grown to become the largest earning media corporation. Through out the 20th and into the 21st century, the Walt Disney Company has conglomerated ownership through many facets of the media industry, owning well-known media outlets such as ESPN, Buena Vista Records, Marvel, and The History Channel. What I found very interesting in observing all these companies under The Walt Disney Company is that Disney has successfully held an incognito presence in their media components. Disney is a household name across the world, and the name “Disney” is always associated with its frontage of innocence and make-believe. It seems that whenever the company chooses to market its name there is a certain mold that the public eye must associate with it. Thus, it is very interesting to notice that when consuming products such as ESPN, or Marvel, etc., one would not have any inclination that it was owned by the same Disney that brought the world Disney World, or the Disney Channel. I looked deeper into some of the companies that Disney owns to observe the media that they produce and I found some funny information. Disney’s Mammoth Records produced the soundtrack for the film Orgamzmo by the creators of South Park, and the album featured the Wu-Tang Clan – Quite different from the mouse ears that the Walt Disney Company wants the people to be familiar with.

Of the forty companies owned by Disney, only 13 are titled to be associated with the conglomerate.

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