The Walt Disney Company- Alex Rudolph

Watching classic films like Aladdin, The Jungle Book, and The Lion King makes it hard to realize how big Walt Disney really is. Founded in 1923, Disney was at the forefront of the animation, and later live-action film industries for nearly 60 years before they became a mass media conglomerate. Along with several theme parks around the world, and holdings in television, radio, theater, music, publishing, distribution, etc., Disney is one of the largest media conglomerates in the world.


Company Holdings MAP

Film and Theater


Disney Theatrical Productions

Touchstone Pictures

Marvel Entertainment


Walt Disney Pictures

DisneyToon Studios

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Pixar Animation Studios

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International (Distribution)

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment


Disney Music Group

Hollywood Records

Walt Disney Records


ABC-Owned Television Stations Group

WLS (Chicago, IL)

KFSN (Fresno, CA)

KTRK (Houston, TX)

KABC (Los Angeles, CA)

WABC (New York, NY)

WPVI (Philadelphia, PA)

WTVD (Raleigh-Durham, NC)

KGO (San Francisco, CA)

Disney ABC Television Group

ABC Television Network (ABC Daytime, ABC Entertainment, and ABC News)

ABC Family

ABC Studios

A&E Television Networks (50%)

The Biography Channel (50%)

Disney ABC Domestic Television

Disney ABC International Television

Disney-ABC-ESPN Television

Disney Channel Worldwide (Disney XD, Playhouse Disney, Jetix, and ABC Kids)

History (formerly The History Channel) (50%)

H2 (50%)


Lifetime Entertainment Services (50%)


Disney Junior (Flanders and the Netherlands)

ESPN, Inc. (80%)

ESPN (and and



ESPN Classic

ESPN Deportes



ESPN Enterprises

ESPN Interactive

ESPN International

ESPN Mobile Properties

ESPN on Demand


ESPN Regional Television

Longhorn Network


WDDY AM (Albany, NY)

WDWD AM (Atlanta, GA)

WMKI AM (Boston, MA)

WGFY AM (Charlotte, NC)

WRDZ AM (Chicago, IL)

WWMK AM (Cleveland, OH)

KMKI AM (Dallas-Fort Worth, TX)

KDDZ AM (Denver, CO)

WFDF AM (Detroit, MI)

KMIC AM (Houston, TX)

WRDZ FM (Indianapolis, IN)

KPHN AM (Kansas City, MO)

KDIS FM (Little Rock, AR)

KDIS AM (Los Angeles, CA)

WMYM AM (Miami, FL)

WKSH AM (Milwaukee, WI)

KDIZ AM (Minneapolis, MN)

WQEW AM (New York, NY)

WDYZ AM (Orlando, FL)

WWJZ AM (Philadelphia, PA)

KMIK AM (Phoenix, AZ)

KDZR AM (Portland, OR)

WDZY AM (Richmond, VA)

KIID AM (Sacramento, CA)

KWDZ AM (Salt Lake City, UT)

KRDY AM (San Antonio, TX)

KMKY AM (San Francisco, CA)

KKDZ AM (Seattle, WA)

WSDZ AM (St. Louis, MO)

WWMI AM (Tampa, FL)

ESPN Radio

WMVP (Chicago, IL)

KESN (Dallas-Fort Worth, TX)

KSPN (Los Angeles, CA)

WEPN (New York, NY)

WDDZ AM (Pittsburgh, PA)


Hyperion Books

ABC Daytime Press


Jump At The Sun

Mirimax Books


Disney Publishing Worldwide

Disney Digital Books

Disney English

Disney Global Book Group

Global Children’s Magazines

U.S. Magazines

ESPN The Magazine (50% with Hearst)

ESPN Books

Parks and Resorts

Adventures by Disney

Disney Cruise Line

Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Resort Paris (51%)

Disney Vacation Club

Hong Kong Disneyland (48%)

Shanghai Disney Resort (43%)

Tokyo Disney Resort (Owned and operated the Oriental Land Company)

Walt Disney Imagineering

Walt Disney World Resort


The Baby Einstein Company

Club Penguin

Disney Consumer Products

The Disney Store

Disney Apparel

Disney Accessories & Footwear

Disney Fashion & Home

Disney Food

Disney Health & Beauty

Disney Stationery

Disney Toys

Disney Interactive Media Group

Disney Interactive Studios

Disney Online (

Disney Online Studios

Disney Mobile

El Capitan Theatre

The Muppets Studio


Rocket Pack

UTV Software Communications




Today, as Disney leads the world in revenue generation, we must look back on how a company specializing in cartoon animation during the 1920s made their rise to global conglomeration. From 1923 to 1986, Disney created animated and live- action television shows and films broadcasted mostly to children. In 1986, the company began to expand into more mature entertainment fields. They renamed themselves, The Walt Disney Company, and began to reach for new heights, marketing toward more mature audiences. In 1995, Disney purchased Capital Cities/ ABC Inc. for $19 billion creating the largest media conglomerate in the world.  Together, the companies would become a “global powerhouse” generating sales up to $20.7 billion.

Owning the production and distribution companies that create Disney movies, along with the acquisition of ABC allows the company to usevertical integration in order to maintain the profit margin that put the two companies on top. Disney can now broadcast and advertise their products on ABC television as part of the benefits of vertical integration.

After Disney’s acquisition of ABC, they not only bought ABC television, but they also received the benefit of owning ESPN. This is a great example of horizontal integration because the company expanded into a media outlet completely outside of the market they were previously in.  They can now produce revenue in another, more mature field of entertainment and production.

Upon researching this subject, I found it interesting that a company with the historical background like Disney could grow into the media empire that it is today. From creating cartoon animations in the 20s, to now ruling the media market with a considerable amount of concentration of ownership, it creates hope in regards to starting small and hoping for the best as you continue down a path of success.



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One thought on “The Walt Disney Company- Alex Rudolph”

  1. It is so interesting how much times have changed in 100 years. When I use to think of Disney I would think about all the animated movies I watched as a child. Then the company expanded and children could buy stuff animals and toys and games about their favorite disney characters form those movies. Once Disney bought ABC everything changed making Disney the biggest Media conglomerate in the world. That was a genius move by disney because now they can advertise anything they want on ABC and ESPN to help brand their image (through vertical integration)

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