Blot Post #2: You are the regulator

By now, we have discussed many of the core issues surrounding the regulation of American media, which remain heavily debated and in constant motion.  Our textbook breaks the regulation issues down into two main categories.  The first category is “Ownership and Control,” which includes debates over regulating ownership of media outlets, ownership of programming, and Net Neutrality, among others.  The second category is “Content and Distribution,” which includes debates over regulating for content diversity (i.e. the Fairness Doctrine), morality, ratings and warnings, among others.

First, select a category and subsequent regulation issue to focus on.  Next, identify the core issues and perspectives at stake in the debate.  Who benefits and who is constrained by the regulation?  How would that differ if the regulation was written by the ‘other side’?  Finally, weigh in on the issue given what you know so far.  Do you have suggestions for altering or synthesizing the regulation that you think are improvements?  Explain and provide support for your argument.

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