R rated movie with Grandma? Not a chance.

            I decided to research a “Content Distribution” regulation. More specifically, I researched Ratings and Warnings on Hollywood films. These regulations in the movie industry were instilled in the 1960’s by the government.  

            Ratings and Warnings on Hollywood films benefit the individuals that make up the audience. The individuals who are paying to watch the specific film that they so desire receive awareness when looking at the ratings. The film rating system includes five different ratings, G, PG, PG-13, R, and NC-17. In 1996, parental groups expressed their opinion that these ratings were too vague. So, now “age-plus-content” ratings were added. These include, S for sexual situations, V for violence, L for coarse language and D for suggestive dialogue.

A moviegoer who does not like violence would steer away from a rated R-violence action film. Just like someone who is looking to attend a movie with his or her grandmother would hesitate from choosing a rated R- sexual situation movie.

            The directors, actors and actresses, writers and producers are all constrained by this regulation. For instance, if a movie receives a violence regulation there is a chance that the ratings could go down. The regulations also hinder their creative abilities. A writer may feel less inclined to put a specific scene in the film.

            I believe that the regulations are good for the public. I would not alter this regulation. 

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