Regulating the Truth

I was most interested in the section pertaining to the regulation of media content and distribution, specifically, the regulation of morality.  I think the title itself is kind of funny.  How can someone regulate morality? What is moral and what is not is not something you can find set in stone. It differs from one person to the next.  This led me to ask, who exactly is deciding what is moral and immoral? Who decides what is just vulgar enough for me to see or something that is not decent enough for the general public to see? I think there would be a very thin line. Let’s be honest, nothing that a TV show could air could be as horrific as things happening in the real world. All of these things really exist.. When Bob Dole made a speech referring to the “evil” in popular culture, I wonder if he also referred to the “evil” in the real world.  To say “one of the greatest threats to American family values is the way our popular culture ridicules them” is absurd to me. Yes, TV and movies regularity “push the limits of decency”, but it does only because that is what people want to see.  It’s what we as Americans find to be entertaining. Is that saying something about our general population? Probably.  But it’s the truth.  Do I think shows like Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy should be used to teach young children the “values of American families”? No.  But I don’t think that is what their purpose is.  Shows like this are used as pure entertainment for those watching it.  I understand that they have an effect on people’s behaviors and actions, but not to the extent that critics give them credit for.  I watch those shows and still believe that cooking meth is bad… Dole once said that “corporate executives [hide] behind the lofty language of free speech in order to profit from debasing America”. Hollywood and producers all over the world know what viewers wants to see; sex, drugs, and violence.  I know critics say that this persuades young people, makes light of these things.  However, I think quite the opposite. I watch shows like Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad because they are the exact opposite of my life.  I don’t know people selling meth, killing people in opposing gangs, or running a motorcycle gang. I use these shows as pure entertainment because I have nothing like this in my real life. I understand that at a very young age, a child may not be able to understand that these shows depict things that are not “right” or “moral”.  If parent is so concerned with this then it is their job to make sure their child knows right from wrong. Kids need to know that life isn’t always flowers and butterflies.  Whether they find out through television or the real world is up to fate but the day will come. Moderation and control.  I think that these two things are, by far, enough regulation for “morality”.

I don’t have any kids, and know that my thoughts and feelings may change one day.  As of now, I stick to my word.  I think that if a parent has such a huge deal with the content available to children these days then maybe they should take some extra time to explain to their children what THEY think is moral and right and wrong. Engrain that into their minds before the media has time to “corrupt” them.

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