Fairness Doctrine

There are many arguments concerning the issues of “content and regulation” within media.  With the creation of radio broadcasting in the early 1900’s American citizens were easily informed simultaneously across the country.  In order to protect this media outlet from being improperly used the government created The Fairness Doctrine, which was assumed by the FCC in 1949.  The purpose of it was to make sure that the limited amount of radio bandwidths were used fairly to distribute content that was insightful and important regarding the general public.  I believe the people greatly benefited from this doctrine because they received news regarding the important issues regarding our country from many different perspectives.  The only people who were constrained by having this in place were corporations seeking profit and the dominance of a select few political parties.  After President Reagan revoked the Fairness Doctrine in 1978 it is easy to see who has benefited.  Large conglomerates now control the media and they reap large benefits from it.  Our news is now entertainment and it is easy to see that they cover issues that are popular for a large amount of the general public, therefore, gaining more viewers and larger profits.  Another issue is that only certain political viewpoints are promoted through these media outlets.  This means that not all sides of issues are being fairly given.  I believe that this doctrine or something similar needs to be put into action for the sake of American citizens.  It is commonly stated how many hours Americans spend watching TV and browsing the Internet.  With only a select few large corporations in control of these media outlets it is necessary that all of the important issues regarding the general public are presented from many different view points.  To add to this, these media outlets should not be allowed to gain profit off of news.  This is information that is important the continuance of a democracy and it should not be chosen to draw a larger audience, but rather to inform.

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