Blog #3: Examining Journalistic Action at the Gates–Due Friday 2/14 by 11:59 PM

As we have learned, the new media environment is quite different than it was just a decade ago.  The growth of the participatory web has created new avenues for “the people formerly known as the audience” (Rosen 2006) to be a significant force within the media world.  From Wikileaks and the Snowden files, to Facebook, Twitter and Upworthy, citizen-actors are a growing force in the media world.  Still, many of journalism’s traditional realities remain, including powerful social processes rooted in institutional norms.

Your task for this blog post is to contend with this issue through a brief analysis of a real-world example.  First, select an example—such as a major news event, notable information network, and/or citizen group.  Then, dedicate your blog post to unpacking the significance of traditional and new media influences.  Did your case of study include gatekeeping, gatewatching, and/or gatecrashing practices?  How so?  Are these forces conflicting or mutually reinforcing?  Are there challenges or resolutions made apparent?  (HINT: Do your best to support your points with evidence and links.)

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