Athlete and Journalist

Every two years the worlds best athletes from all corners of the world gather for the Olympics.  Involving people from all over the globe leads to a high demand for media coverage of this event. With each Olympics comes a new level of media coverage, sponsors, and air time.  Today’s technology gives us many ways to get information about what is going on wherever the Olympics are being held.  This year the media boosted the most coverage ever.

The Winter Olympics consist of 15 different sports with varying numbers of sub sections of each sport.  Even with possibly the most  coverage ever the media is still unable to show every event.  The media also focuses on showing the events they think people want to see.  This makes it difficult for people to keep up with less popular sports when only using traditional media outlets; TV, newspapers, magazines, ect.

Through social media the athletes have a chance to give a unique first hand report of their events.  This changes the perspective we get on how the events took place.  We no longer only here from the athletes in official interviews or press conferences.  Hearing from these athletes in official setting produces professional comments and the athletes could be told what to say by sponsors, coaches, or their government.  These types of coverage could be heavily edited, making the media company providing the coverage a powerful gatekeeper. Todays technology and social media gives athletes an open environment to not only tell about the event but to express themselves.  Technology and social media gives athletes the power to by pass the gatekeepers (gatecrashing)  and give the audience a direct line to the source of information.  This also improves the audiences gatewatching power.  The primary source of the athletes gives the audience something to compare the medias coverage with.

Over the past ten years technology has changed the dynamics of journalism.  It has shifted power from the large media companies to the audience.  This shift in power has allowed for less gatekeeping, gatecrashing, and better gatewatching.


One thought on “Athlete and Journalist”

  1. I think the concept of Olympians as journalists is spot on. The best illustration of this can be found in the recent winter games, where athletes tweeted about the conditions of their hotels. These tweets and accompanying pictures went viral and sparked a great deal of controversy on the Internet.

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