Elite Daily

Elite Daily is a “blog”-like website that aims to give a voice to the Y-generation. People are able to submit their own blogs with their own topics.  This may seem like there would be no gatekeeping or bias involved.  However, the blog has been criticized for having “elitist” stories.  Stories of rich kids discussing “how much is too much?”.  There is no hard hitting news that touches on huge fundamental problems. I understand the approach.  People of this generation like to have easy access to quick stories that get straight to the point.  In Elite Daily’s case, our generation wants to live vicariously through these stories of money, partying, relationships, hook ups, etc.  It’s kind of like instagram.  People use this app as an opportunity to show off their life, to make it seem exactly how they want others to view it.  Elite Daily makes this generation seem like the most fun people in the world.  

Not only do we have the access to an abundance of information, we also have the ability to post information very easily.  Posting blogs teaching people the “8 ways to make him love you”, or “20 things you learn in your 20s” is great, but is it true?  We take these things and take them as facts. Elite Daily has been criticized for having mindless topics. Dumbing down an already “lazy” generation. The site does keep a simple theme.  Light topics, entertaining, easy to read.  Nothing hard hitting or controversial. Elite wants to be known as the news for our generation, but what are we really getting out of it? Yes, we are able to read voices of our generation but we arent learning anything.  We aren’t truly gaining knowledge even though we convince ourselves that we are.



One thought on “Elite Daily”

  1. Great post Morgan! I liked that you chose Elite daily to point out that our generation’s priority isn’t the news. The news can come across as chaotic and information overload. Although 5 ways to love your boyfriend may not be “newsworthy” it is still attracting readers. What does this say about our generation and the content that people desire to read? Will news become simplified even more for the public? “5 things to know about Ukraine.” Sadly… I think I would read it.

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