Filtering Through the BS

Lately I often wonder who is gate keeping for the news media website While today is just an example, I logged onto the site to pursue a news roundup, and what I found in its headlines was an array of mindless and hardly entertaining jumble. Don’t get me wrong, I am the first guy to be suckered into clicking on an entertainment news article that will tell me about how a guy taught his dog to speak English, or a woman who did a million jumping jacks. But in all honesty, when I truly want to be informed I have lost faith in this website that I used to use quite often.


Where does this problem begin? Gatekeeping. The editors of the news need to monitor just how enriching their material is. Every day there is something important and enriching happening in the world. However, the headlines I see today are focused on some idiot who punched two kids in the face, along with a video of a news reporter getting hit with snowballs.


While it obviously catches my attention when I see anything about a grown man punching kids in the face, I am not so fussed to learn about it , that it should be standing in place for the harder to find material on


In order to find important information going on in the US, the world, and outside Sochi for once these days, I need to click on the news portion of the website, and from there filter through the genres in order to keep out all the buzz on entertainment, and strange stories. I know, I know, I’m complaining about having to click a few more times on my computer to get news that people weren’t exposed to so easily even 15 years ago. However, the reality is that this is what the world has come to, and in embracement of it, we should hope that the gatekeepers on popular sites such as would use their power responsibly, thus finding a much happier medium between important news, and stupid mumbo jumbo that fills the gaps and catches people’s attention.

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