Go Daddy

Go Daddy

In this day and age, it is not hard to find a piece of online media, whether it be news, opinion or advertising that reinforces the common stereotypes in the world today.  Numerous commercials are racist towards ethnicities other than white people.  Online media also is extremely degrading to women, which in turn empowers men.

Go Daddy is a privately held company that is primarily an Internet domain registrar and web hosting company.  In recent years this company had been quite successful.  Go Daddy has not always been know for its success, but for the image it portrays through its advertisements.  Since 2005, Go Daddy started advertising in the Super Bowl, expanding its marketing to include sports sponsorships.

I have chosen a commercial by Go Daddy that very obviously degrades women.  In this commercial, a women who was previously a Go Daddy girl is getting a massage by a girl who thinks she wants to become a Go Daddy girl and tries to prove to her that she has the “moves” and the image to be one.  She strips all her clothes off and puts on a show and slaps her butt many times for the lady getting massaged.   This commercial is clearly showing the public eye the gender stereotype that women are portrayed as sex objects.  It is portrayed in a way that explains the goal is trying to sell sex.  The way the girl strips her clothes off for another girl on a massage table is clearly trying to get the male audiences attention through the use of sex.  At the end of the commercial the Go Daddy wanna be states, “just like Go Daddy.com I offer customer service with a personal touch”.  This ending line really speaks to the male population and almost makes them believe that if they get involved with Go Daddy’s company it comes with sex.  Obviously this is not true, but is it how they have caught numerous peoples attention, specifically during the Super Bowl.

These stereotypes presented create several consequences.  This commercial is not just degrading to women but it also makes America look bad as a whole, and continues the “selling sex” stereotype.  In history, men have been superior to women and in the modern age we, as in America as a whole, are trying to fix this image and create men and women as equals.  This commercial, although know men are in it, is speaking mostly to the male audience and portraying to them that women are portrayed as a sex objects and that it is okay to treat them as inferior.

After Go Daddy had released some very stereotypical and degrading commercials during the Super Bowl for a few years, they finally came to a point where their submissions were no longer getting approved.  In 2012, Go Daddy decided, “Now that people know who we are, they should know what we do” (Driscoll).  They are trying to revamp their marketing and actually show people Go Daddy’s capabilities.  I think it is great that their company is turning around and trying to showcase more of their offerings rather than call attention to women as sex objects.  They might actually make their advertisement relevant for what they do.

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3 thoughts on “Go Daddy”

  1. I remember watching the Super Bowl several years ago and seeing my first Go Daddy commercial. The advertisement ended and everyone in the room looked around at each other wondering what had just happened and what in the world Go Daddy was. For me, Go Daddy is frustrating because their advertisements in no way relate to their product. I think they sell web domains, but I’m not even completely sure. Go Daddy takes advantage of the knowledge that, in the media, sex sells. For this reason, their advertisements blatantly objectify women in order to draw viewer attention. They certainly gain attention, but it would probably be more beneficial if Go Daddy used advertisements that actually represented their product. Not to mention, the fact that they need to create advertisements that do not uphold media norms and treat women as sexual objects.

  2. The worst part about this is that they are almost bragging about their image. The are suggesting that it is very clear to everyone that they only hire hot, young women who shake their ass, and that every young girl should want to do that! This commercial reinforces their image and brags about what they portray about women.

  3. The Go Daddy advertisements are, without a doubt, extremely sexist to say the least. However, they have been extremely successful. Thus, from a business standpoint they are great adds. What I wonder is how much of an impact the revamp of their marketing will have on their success as a company. I think it is morally great that they have decided to show off their product rather than an idea, but I also think that this decision will cost them financially. In turn, I would venture to guess that they would revert back to their old ways.

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