Modern Family: The non-stereotypical stereotype

For five seasons now, Modern Family has been putting its own personal spin on stereotypes with race, gender and sexual orientation.  For those of you who have not seen this show, it is about a large family with every stereotype of a person you could think of.  The title of the show fits perfectly with the content within the show.  Every quote, scenario or character in the show depicts(with a twist) of what life is beginning to look like in the Modern world.  You see the evolution of family and how it has moved away from the traditional family which is; same race, opposite sex, same age, same class and 2-4 kids.  Now you see depicted in this show; same sex marriage, interracial relationships, differing age relationships, adopted children. 

In this show, I believe the media is misrepresenting the characters and every scenario about the show for a reason.  I believe they are showing the change that our society is going through.  We are going through a progressive time with a lot of change.  Some major changes have happened in recent history with feminism, same sex marriage and interracial relationships.  This show puts a hilarious twist on nearly every stereotype you can think of.  This may be one of the only shows that does this for the good and to make people aware of the ongoing change our social norms are going through.  

For me growing up, I only knew about the typical old fashioned family I talked about earlier.  It had nothing to do with me not being an open minded person, it was just that is all I knew and the only thing I had been taught until about the age of 10.  This show has been pretty educational to people watching while being very entertaining.  Although it Modern Family does pull out every stereotype possible, they do it do inform people that there are other ways of viewing relationships and people.  


I did happen to stumble upon this which was one of the few negative stereotypes that was shown in an episode(at least to my knowledge).  Although it may have that funny, feel good twist to the joke, it is still furthering the stereotype of all people of Asian descent being terrible drivers.  

Overall this show is the only one I can think of that constructively uses stereotypical ideologies to enhance the knowledge of the social movement.  It does have its moments of inappropriate actions but overall is used as a base to encourage people to keep an open mind for everything that may come and go throughout their lives  

One thought on “Modern Family: The non-stereotypical stereotype”

  1. Being a huge Modern Family fan I am slightly bias to not care about if the jokes made push the line a little (although I think most the joke are quite tasteful). That being said, I think there should be more shows, like Modern Family, that warm us to different ways of life. Coming from a smaller midwest town I was not exposed to many families that weren’t the “typical old fashion family”. Knowing this makes me think how little exposure most Americans have to these new “Modern Families”. People need to be pushed to open their minds to new ideas and ways of life, and I think shows like Modern Family are a great way to do just that.

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