Carl’s Junior Controversy

Yes yes… I know a lot of people are discussing gender roles in media for this blog post.  But,  misrepresentation of genders in the media is becoming a huge problem, here’s why.

Most people associate the yearly Super Bowl game with lots of funny commercials.  Some people just watch the game in anticipation of seeing the ads.  After watching the game I usually go on youtube and look up what other people thought of them or watch “top 10” videos to find the really funny commercials I may have missed while dipping a hot wing.

What I found this year is surprising to say the least.  In the past several months/years, Carl’s Junior has been making commercials that advertise their sandwiches, and they all involve a model eating it in some sexual way that is supposed to make you want it, but with this ad they took a different approach, that I find to be even more disgraceful and just plain sexist.

So I know what you’re thinking.  How is this more degrading than the previous Carl’s Junior commercials?  When the higher ups at CJ heard that viewers were upset about this issue, they took a different approach on advertising their sandwiches, and this is it.  If you look at the details and ask yourself how they portray society, you will be surprised.  What is the purpose of the intro?  Why is there a lady coming out of a swimming pool wearing a bikini?  Her only purpose was to throw Terrell Owens a football and stare at him while he eats and talks.  Oh, did I mention she was wearing a bikini?

It wasn’t until seeing this on several top 10 lists that I realized the reason why this video was so appealing.  It contains everything advertisers think that football fans want.  Good manly food, the authority and confidence of a football player, and attractive women that sit at your side and make you look good.  Usually ads have to be funny or charming in some way to get onto a top ten list, but I don’t find this to be either.

In other words, the advertisers are using degrading and unrealistic images to stimulate the ideologies and beliefs of a stereotypical football fan.  The problem with this is that it is manipulation.  There are other ways of advertising that could be just as persuasive to the viewer without being so un-ethical.  Ultimately I think the consequences of this kind of advertising is just a big step in the wrong direction for equality.  There will never be complete race and gender equality as long as there are videos like this being created and broadcasted to the world.

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