Dr. Pepper: not for women?


(Watch the ad before reading as to better understand what I’m talking about.)

As you can tell from the ad, Dr. Pepper’s creative team seemed to not understand what they we really portraying. First off, it created this “ideal man” that was supposed to be what every man should be and act like. This action-adventure manly man is shooting guns and fighting ninjas, just like the average man would do obviously. This overhyped action-adventure extravaganza portrays men in a light of being these violent and senseless animals.

This ad doesn’t only generalize men but women as well. The man in the ad says, “This is our movie” generalizing that all men must love these action-adventure films but it also saying the women can’t enjoy those types of film. It generalizes women again when it goes on to say that women can “keep [their] romantic comedies and lady drinks to themselves.” This ad just overgeneralizes what men and women are. Men are these burly men that only like guns and violence while women are just fragile, weak romantics.

I understand what the ad is getting at; Dr. Pepper is a drink that is most commonly purchased by women. So, the company is trying to widen their consumers by specifically targeting men by creating an ad that a stereotypical man would enjoy. The funny thing is after this ad came out not only did sales from women drop but so did sales from men. This ad backfired and in the end tarnished Dr. Pepper’s name showing them as a sexist company.

Dr Pepper Buzz by Gender

After this huge fallout with this ad, Dr. Pepper ended up taking down this ad. Believe me, it took some searching to find that really poor quality version of the ad. Overall, this ad reinforces the gender roles we see in today’s society. It portrays what our society/the producers believe a man to be while also excluding women from their product and insulting both sexes.




2 thoughts on “Dr. Pepper: not for women?”

  1. It is one thing to advertise “pro manly” products, like the Mens Vitacrave commercials:


    or Old Spice:

    but to attack women like this ad did is wrong. With quotes from the ad like: “hey ladies, enjoying the film? Of course not because this is our movie”, and “so you can keep the romantic comedies and lady drinks”, it sends out a negative message somewhat like a political commercial, which, in my eyes, negatively affects the candidate who created the commercial in the first place. Furthermore, negativity is no way to sell a product. I am glad that this ad campaign was a failure because it although, Dr. Pepper seemed like they were trying to expand their target market, instead they ended up bashing their current, most profitable market and “labeled” their brand as sexist.

  2. This commercial doesn’t really make me want Dr. Pepper at all. The one thing it does do though is reinforce two very old-fashioned and simplistic stereotypes: all guys only like action movies and violence, along with bold and interesting things such as a soda with 23 flavors, while all women like romance and “lady drinks” which implies something weaker than a “male drink”.
    The commercial also suggests that men ought to be consuming fewer calories. Even though I think the media’s representation of the ideal female body is a larger issue, the same problem exists as a male version. But of course men are still tougher and better, so they cushion the message that “you should lose weight” by calling them MANLY CALORIES so as not to be too blatant with their message that guys need to watch their weight.

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