Fantasy Video Greetings E-Cards, 2010 is an entertainment website that produces what some people would say pretty controversial and risqué videos and commercial. They are also linked to the “Go Daddy” adds. Just by scrolling through FantasyVideoGreeting’s Facebook for less than a minute you can see a large amount of pictures of only women in “skimpy” clothing, there are also some videos/adds. If you’re interested in viewing the Facebook page heres the link. They produced this commercial to be put in the 2012 Super Bowl, but it was rejected.

As you can see this add was pretty sexist.  The commercial starts out with a wife cleaning and complaining about taking care of the kids and her day. This portrays women as the “stay at home & clean/take care of the kids”  stereotype. The wife has her hair up, looks tired, and is wearing  what looks to be like comfortable cleaning attire. The husband is shown glancing around his wife trying to see the T.V., not really caring about what she is doing or how her day was etc. only caring about the football game he is trying to watch. This portrays men as uncaring, and the stereotypical “jerk.” Which may be true for some, but we all know is not true for all.  The commercial then continues with him “switching the channel” which appears to be him turning his wife “off” and an attractive young women appears on the screen handing him a beer. It then goes on to show another women who say they’ll do their own “half time show” for him. Both women were wearing clothing showing way more skin than the wife, and it is pot raying young single women as sort of sex objects. His fantasy was for his wife to stop talking, and to be handed beer with some hot girls while watching the football game, and that’s what the fantasyvideogreetings provided for him. The goal of this advertisement is to show that whatever you want can be provided to you in a fantasy video format, which is exactly what he got.




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