is notorious for their commercials that are strange but also usually contain a beautiful woman.  This commercial is no different, and was very popular and talked about during the super bowl last year.   There was a “tame” version that was showed on air but there was also a second version that was published on as well.  I embedded them both.

There are several things about this commercial that stood out to me.   First, there are some ideologies being supported in this commercial. I think that there is the ideology that to be successful, you have to make money.   Also, you need to be smart and beautiful to be successful.

There are also some stereotypes that are being supported.  First of all, from the actual narration of the ad, it is saying that beauty and brains can’t be the same thing.  It is saying someone can’t be beautiful and smart, which we know is untrue.  To me, it seems like the people picked that woman because they were trying to portray an “ideal woman” or what they think an ideal woman might look like.   Especially because I think beauty is not necessarily those things that they are trying to show.   Another thing that I noticed is that both of the people in the advertisement are in fact white people.  This “ideal woman” was not portrayed to be another race other than white.

To me something else that came to mind is the fact that it is also illustrating the idea of social classes within people.   One of the two people is not biologically more advanced than the other but, almost anyone who sees this will immediately get the feeling that they are trying to push the “she’s out of his league” social construct.  But clearly can help you breach that barrier that is separating you from this ideal woman.

And as always, sex sells.  She is in fact a beautiful woman so who wouldn’t want to make out with her right? And of course Danica Patrick is there in her skin tight outfit as well.

One of the consequences specifically is the exploitation of women.  Join to get this woman.   Why not join to further your career so you can become more successful for YOU?  But the advertisement companies are just giving the people what they want.  Which is sex.  Another consequence going along with that is the fact that it is showing that the woman is the prize.  The words on screen even say “when sexy meets smart, your small business scores”.   Clearly the goal is to score.  A woman is not in fact a prize that you can win in the end.

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  1. I considered this as a topic as well, considering how noticeably offensive the commercials are. I’m glad someone touched on it because is so blatantly exemplary of the stereotypes our society holds. The three elements you took out are very relevant, I didn’t ever think of the social class aspect of the issue.

    1. I think it is really interesting because there are so many godaddy commercials and I don’t think there is a single one that doesn’t either objectify women, promote sex, enforce stereotypes or even all three. I never was really very sensitive to the commercials I just kind of laughed them off and then moved on but since taking this class and writing about this topic, I definitely see stereotypes and issues in many of the advertisements today.

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