Have you kept up with the Kardashians

I would hate to admit that I am Kardashian obsessed, but I have watched all the episodes and I follow Kim, Kourtney and Klohé on Instagram.  So… maybe just a little addicted.

Kim Kardashian rose to fame through a leaked sex tape with her then boyfriend Ray J(not going to link that video).  Later that year E! network signed the whole Kardashian family on to a reality TV show following their day to day life.  Keeping Up With The Kardashians is currently in their ninth season and Kim was reported to be the highest paid reality star in 2010; this show has obviously been popular. 

I want to look at two things in regard to The Kardashians: (1) the idea that anyone could rise to such fame by doing very little and (2) and the forced reality that is obviously not real. 

The best way to become famous is to leak a sex tape! And who doesn’t want to be famous?  Reality TV portrays this idea that anyone can have fame; all you need is a amazing talent (thinking of American Idol), an interesting story (thinking of Emily Maynard from The Bachelor) or  a crazy family (thinking of Honey Boo Boo). The Kardashians have figured this out, through Kim they have all become very famous and made a very nice living through exploiting their life on TV.  While they do sometimes talk about the difficulties that go along with being famous, they portray an exciting a luxurious life, that most anyone would want to have.

Should we be supporting this? By watching their show and following them on Instagram I am encouraging this kind of entertainment and the idea that everyone could have a life like the Kardashians and should want to have their life.

But is their life, the one we see at least, real? It seems real! We are there with them with they get engaged and married, and even when they get separated! We see their drama and fights with each other and we see them maturely apologize and make up. Actually every episode seems to run in that exact pattern! Someone is being mean or annoying and they get in a fight about something obviously very important (sarcasm). Then by the end of the show they realize that family is all they have and they make up and living happily ever after (or at least till the next show).

I know that life is not like this, but I’m not sure if it always sends a bad message. I think that a large part of the ideology behind The Kardashians is the idea of family sticking together. I respect that idea and while a lot of the other stuff going around may be completely fake and spread bad ideas, The Kardashians do show some great family love.


One thought on “Have you kept up with the Kardashians”

  1. I think the Kardashians catch everyones eye because they are all attractive, they have drama, and do go through family issues that everyone can relate to in one way or another. I do agree that it shows that fame isn’t for just the select few, anyone can become famous. There’s not a law stating that anyone can’t, they just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Even though there life is more extravagant and their problems are different from a middle class citizen I think a lot of people can find ways to relate to them.

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