Home Depot Commercial

Home Depot is typically seen as a man’s store, with tools and planks of wood to build the ultimate shed or whatever the heart desires.  Right? The commercial that Home Depot recently is airing is reinforcing the “Man’s Store” view that is already held a lot of the public.

In the Home Depot commercial, “Come Alive,” there are some ideologies at play.  One of the ideologies is the way a husband and wife should hold household duties.  The man is the strong, hard-working half while the woman is mainly there to decorate.  This ideological construct of gender roles while doing housework were constructed many years back, when the husband was the breadwinner and hard worker while the wife stayed home waiting for her husband to come back, probably with a meal on the table or had just cleaned the house.  These constructed gender roles depict how a typical American middle class couple should operate.

Some of the stereotypes in this commercial include the differences in the roles that the husband and wife play in the recreation of their yard.  The man is being shown handling the money while they are shopping in Home Depot.  Also, the man is shown looking up a lawn mower on his phone while in the store.  These enforce the male stereotypes of being the head of the household, who handles all the finances.  Also, the husband is looking at machinery to purchase, which reinforces that men are the ones who are supposed to handle tools.  The wife is shown at the store picking out the flowers. This reinforces the women gardener stereotype, in which all wives are supposed to garden in their yards to make their homes look pretty.  Also, the store clerk who is selling the woman flowers is also a woman.  This enforces that stereotype even more, in that even the people selling the flowers at a store like Home Depot, are women.  While they are doing the yard work at their home, the man is showed doing majority of the work, including the lawn mowing, weed whacking, administering pesticides, as well as the heavy lifting involved in yard work.  The woman is shows for about 2 seconds after she is done gardening, and she looks completely clean and somewhat satisfied.  These acts in the commercial reinforce the stereotypes of the typical husband and wife, in which the man does the work and the women sits there looking pretty, after making the house look pretty.

The couple in this commercial seems to be a mixed, minority-race couple.  However, there did not seem to be any stereotypes of minority races in this commercial.  One could argue that the minority couple was depicted as having middle class wealth, since they are doing their own yard work.

The consequence of the above roles, that the commercial created for the husband and wife, is that it reinforces the gender stereotypes of husband and wife housework; the husband is the responsible, hard-working, money-bearing half of the relationship while the wife is there to look good and make their home look good.  These stereotypes are harmful to married couples, especially for the woman in the relationship, who is seen barely contributing to the housework.



2 thoughts on “Home Depot Commercial”

  1. I find this very stereotypical as well. It is crazy to think about if the commercial was actually opposite. I’m not saying that women shouldn’t be doing those things, but growing up in this society has taught me to think that men should carry out the harder physical labor jobs. Do you think our society would shift if large influences like this commercial and others similar changed?

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