Will you accept this rose?

I have never been a fan of the Bachelor. The concept itself seems absolutely absurd to me.  I don’t understand how you may or may not be falling in love with multiple people at the same time.  But what would I know.  I do know that the show is outdated and has sad, sad misrepresentations of women, patriarchal values, sexism, and beauty. Here we have a group of 20 something women.  All young, beautiful, and completely ready to fight for a man.  Here we have a successful, good looking man with whom these women are fighting over.. It’s interesting to me that these women often have jobs like a yoga instructor, kindergarten teacher, dancer, etc.  We rarely see a small business owner or doctor. We have a group of women who are fighting for their prince charming to take care of them and sweep them off their feet.  It all seems very medieval to me. This show basically represents every man’s fantasy; dating a lot of beautiful women, all fighting for his love. And here is a representation of a woman from years ago.. one who wants to find a man to take care of her so she can have children and take care of the home.  It all seems like values that our country should have moved on from by now. A woman is supposed to show her best self on this show.. not to gain connections or even friends, but to up her chances at being “the chosen one”. I also think that people love to see the girls get manipulative with each other so that the stereotype can further be exposed. 

Does the fact that there is a bachelorette fix these stereotypes? No.  When Tricia (bachelorette) was asked about the fact that she kissed multiple men she quickly point out that she was “not a tramp” she was a “nice girl”.  Something that a bachelor would never have to justify. 


So yes, the bachelor is entertaining.  But its ideas are medieval and overdone.  

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