Women of Wall Street?

Recently on Upworthy.com I saw a fake movie trailer for a female version of the new hit film “Wolf of Wall Street”, named “Women of Wall Street”. The movie was very well made and I thought nothing of it being offensive or anything like that. Yes, I knew it had lots of inappropriate scenes and some were even degrading, but I just let it go because after all it’s a movie.

Watch the clip here

It wasn’t until after I watched the spoof “Women of Wall Street” that I started critically analyzing it and slowly seeing how many underlying stereotypes it reinforced and the ideologies that were presented. It all starts with the character- they were literally all men, except for the prostitutes and sex figures, those were women of course. By representing the entire corporate world as men in the movie, they were reinforcing the gender stereotype that men make the money and women stay at home. Not only were they saying women stay at home, they also hinted that IF women work at all, it isn’t work that required their brain, but their looks.

This movie has the underlying ideology that looks are what matter in our world and that possessions and appearance are what’s important in life. He flaunts his possessions throughout the entire movie and that is his main focus, money and women. It also reinforces the ideology that partying is a way of life and a goal-worthy thing in life. Another big faux pas of the movie is the representation of ethnicities in the business world; the movie reinforces the idea that only older, Caucasian men make it in the corporate world.

I realize this movie is based off of a true story and that’s the argument for why they have only white males as main characters, but by reinforcing these norms and saying that they are acceptable is a down side of the media. Obviously we want to try and make movies and such as real as possible, but we only choose to represent a fraction of the world’s happenings and that fraction tends to be only the one percent of the world. Having a movie like this reinforces bad stereotypes and ideologies and makes it seem as if they are okay. What kind of message does that send to our kids?

While watching the spoof trailer, I couldn’t take it seriously, not just because it was a spoof, but also because I’m not used to women playing the “big” guy. It was weird to see her flashing her money, drinking lots and being unsatisfied with your income (even though it’s a lot). Why is it okay for a guy to act like this and the film to be nominated for an academy award, but when a girl does such things, it seen as ridiculous. Gender stereotype comes into play here big time and I would argue it’s a bad thing.

One thought on “Women of Wall Street?”

  1. The video is great and it points out a lot of inequalities that persist in the media when it comes to gender roles and norms. The fact that it is hard to take the video seriously because it shows women in power positions, engaging in inappropriate behavior that would by more typical of men in business, just shows how deeply ingrained in our psyche traditional gender roles are.

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