Would you go on The Bachelor?

ABC’s The Bachelor has been my reality television guilty pleasure for years now. For some reason I just can’t seem to stop watching the unbearably scripted love story between one man and twenty-six other women. However, after the sixty minutes of unrealistic romance is over I often think to myself how I would act in the Bachelor atmosphere.

While participating in The Bachelor process the women are all required to live under the same roof while they anxiously wait to be courted by the same guy. Women can go on one-on-one dates or group dates. While on these dates, the camera crew is constantly documenting (and possibly influencing) every single word that is said between the bachelor and the women.

I would find the constant video surveillance of my love life to be extremely uncomfortable and agitating. As we discussed in class, individuals are bound to be influenced by the presence of the camera crew and producers. It is simply unnatural to be on date with ten plus people around. It just isn’t reality. In a normal date setting one would most likely be at a small table in the back of a dimly lit restaurant looking into the eyes of their significant other. The Bachelor participates might also be filtering what they say because they know that the whole country will be watching. In every Bachelor season the women “let their guards down” and tell the bachelor something very personal and serious. This story is usually equipped with tears and sniffles. It’s almost as if every woman needs a hook in order to be advanced to the next episode.

I also find it abnormal to share the man you are supposed to be falling in love with and getting engaged to with twenty-six other women. It would be hard for me to develop relationships with women in the house when I know that they have romantic feelings with the same person that I have romantic feelings for. This also brings into question the stereotypes of men and women. The fact that there was a show created that promotes this type of relationship is concerning. If a man dates multiple women they are looked at as a “bro” or a “playboy” but if a woman does this then they are looked at as a “slut”.

The Bachelor, while entertaining to watch, is not true reality because of the influence of cameras and the unnatural dating environment the show creates.


3 thoughts on “Would you go on The Bachelor?”

  1. I agree completely that this show reinforces the stereotype of men being playboys. I also think it’s interesting that they tried to create a counter show, using women as the Bachelor, but it never reached the popularity level of the original show an dI believe it’s because people want to watch a show that reinforces the status quo. I personally see the Bachelor as a normal show, but the Bachelorette seems like a weird concept to me. this just shows that men are allowed to be playboys, but women are not- sexism at its finest.

  2. As a guy that has not seen The Bachelor previously, I am actually pretty shocked at how much the show reinforces traditional gender roles and stereotypes. I have to say it would be awesome to have 26 beautiful women fawning over me but there is just something super uncomfortable about the show. The video clips were a great touch because it really shows the reader what you are talking about and substantiates your argument. I actually found them hard to watch because everything just feels so fake and scripted. It is an embodiment of what “reality” shows really entail.

  3. I completely agree with your blog post and actually wrote something pretty similar to it. I think all of the concepts are pretty outdated and cliche. The show itself is sexist and dates us back a long long time. Not only is it sexist, I agree that it is just plain weird. The atmosphere and ideas are so odd to me that I can’t really even imagine this being “reality” tv, seems more like a soap opera.

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