Racist commercial

This commercial reflects the ideologies of racism: that a black man in close proximity to your child is not a safe situation. It enforces the stereotype of black males being considered dangerous and untrustworthy, and the stereotypical protective mother. Another stereotype that is present in the commercial is the sad, helpless child whom society demands be aided. Not only that, but they compare a black man to toothpaste. The message in the end may be that “looks can be deceiving”, but in order for that to be a positive message, the company must be assuming that everyone is scared of black people.

7 thoughts on “Racist commercial”

  1. I thought it was very interesting how they showed the black male doing a good deed and the mother was still weary of him, also how they showed at the end of the commercial how many balloons we had, suggesting that this has happened multiple times before. I agree that it is racist and stereotypical.

    1. I agree the multiple balloons are pretty interesting. It shows that the commercial is assuming much more than just one simple misunderstanding. It’s as if they are being sympathetic toward the black community portrayed by the man in the commercial, which is pretty hyper-racist in my opinion, and ignorant.

  2. I was shocked that they showed a black man trying to help the child and the mother was to frightened by this. I couldn’t tell when this commercial was made but it would be really upsetting if this was made fairly recently because this is not was i pictured our society being like. Yes blacks are often portrayed as dangerous and untrustworthy but I think society today is leaning off of this and trying to display black as equals to all others. This commercial is horrible and very racist and it is a good thing it was banned!

    1. I agree that it was right to have been banned. What Julia mentioned a few days ago about the multiple balloons ties into your thoughts about society trying to show more equal views of everyone.

  3. I was appalled by this video. In watching this video, I never would have thought it was a toothpaste commercial. I definitely agree that this is a very racist commercial, but we also have to understand, especially as Westerners, the society and culture where this commercial is coming from, which is Thailand. In Asia, seeing African-Americans, Africans, people with red hair or very blonde hair, or people who are very tall for example, is not very common, so the people are more likely to stare and react differently than how we would think they would or should. They do not stare to be rude on purpose, it is more likely because they are fascinated and curious about the person(s) and do not realize it can be rude to people of other cultures. But this does not deny the fact that this was a blatantly racist commercial.
    Also, although it is an asian commercial, as Westerners, we do not know first hand how Asians stereotype people of other races. I think this commercial is perceiving the black man more through a Westerners stereotype of black people.

  4. I don’t understand why this video was made. Was it to be funny? Was the creator truly that ignorant? I can’t believe that this was made, and that the character of the black man would agree to do this…

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