Tyler, The Creator

Tyler, the Creator is a off beat controversial rapper from LA.  He is co-founder of Odd Future.  They are known for their weird lyrics and even weirder videos.  Tyler and Odd Future are the types of artists that you either love or you hate.  Their lyrics and subject matter can be explicit and offensive to some people.  This makes the idea of using them in any type of main stream advertising risky.  Pepsi recently allowed Tyler to create three Mountain Dew commercials.  It did not take Pepsi long to pull the commercials due to their racist and sexist content.  It is a three part series about a goat with the voice of Tyler, the Creator.

The first part of the series is the goat ordering a Mountain Dew from a waitress at a nice restaurant.  He starts to get violent with the waitress gets the Mountain Dew, drinks it, then begins to assault her.  People in the restaurant see this and do nothing to stop.  This is a great representation of the bystander effect.

In the second commercial the  goat is pulled over by a cop on the highway for speeding.  When the cop comes to the window the goat is very nervous and say there is nothing in the trunk and the officer cant search the trunk.  The officer then goes and looks in the trunk and sees it is full of Mountain Dew.  Is is portraying a racist stereotype that blacks always have something to hide and are always doing something wrong when they get pulled over.  Once the cop sees whats in the trunk he looks up and the goat is running away saying “you’ll never catch me”.  Leading into the third video.

This video shows the goat in a police lie up with several other African American men.  The waitress from the first video then comes into the viewing room with a neck brace, crutches, and a bruised face.  She is distressed.  The goat then begins to talk to her making violent threats to her causing her to run out of the room in fear.  While this is happening the police officer is saying things like “pick the one in the do rag”, trying to get her to pick one based on looks.

These videos highlight many raciest and sexist stereotypes.  It glorifies the abuse of women and illegal activities.  Pepsi should have known better than to let Tyler, the Creator direct any type of ad campaign for their company.  With his history and reputation as being a wild card he is not the type of spokes person a company like Pepsi should be using for promotion.

Links to the videos:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


5 thoughts on “Tyler, The Creator”

  1. It’s really interesting that they would even air these in the first place…they are obviously racist and sexist, but they still aired them for a certain time span. This shows that ideology and stereotypes really can be hidden. Pepsi most likely didn’t see the racist and sexist side of these commercials, otherwise I would think they wouldn’t air them in the first place. But who knows, maybe they wanted to created controversy and get attention. It’s always good to utilize racy things in order to draw attention.

  2. I find it astonishing that these were ever considered, much less aired. I’m also surprised by the lack of media attention, as far as I know. I haven’t ever seen or heard of these advertisements, and it seems that this sort of exploitation wasn’t more widely publicized. This is a great example of media representation on many counts.

  3. I agree with the previous statement in that this didn’t get that much media coverage although it was really controversial. I feel like from what I know about Tyler the Creator, I’m not surprised by his actions but it is disappointing that things like this are still happening.

  4. I think this was a really interesting look at an advertisement. I have been listening to Tyler the Creator for a while now, and can totally understand why they pulled the commercials before I even watched them. I do think it is interesting that they portrayed a black stereotype, even though Tyler the Creator was the person who directed it. He should probably stick to his wordplay not Pepsi commercials.

  5. Tyler is without a doubt a guy who has no boundaries when it comes to the messages he sends to the public. I can see why Pepsi would allow him to direct a commercial though, for a while OFWGKTA along with Tyler were very popular, to say the least. Their music and general style essentially created a whole new subculture that mixed the most violent and inappropriate aspects of rap culture with the “f*** it”, hail satan, heshlaw characteristics most relatable to skate culture. They proved that they could shape the actions of youngins’ across the country and then some. It’s funny too because obviously Pepsi found them to be suitable enough if they aired them at all. If they had really deemed them inappropriate from the beginning it’s unlikely that they would have released them.

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