BLOG #5: Go Play Outside

In this course we have analyzed media to the fullest, gaining a better understanding of how media works as a whole to influence us and reinforce our norms and societal values/beliefs. The future of media will be interesting to see and experience.

Think of when Facebook came out, something along the lines of the MySpace platform, but growing in popularity quicker, and exceeding MySpace’s members. After Facebook, the next popular social media outlet was Twitter. For myself, I didn’t think social media could expand much more beyond picture and status sharing through the two outlets – the motives of both outlets so far. However, media has bewildered me. From Facebook to Twitter to Flickr, to Instagram, to Tumblr, to Foursquare, etc.,  social media alone has caused those with smartphones to be practically dependent on their wireless device for social order and day – to – day functioning. I can see the punishment of my children in the future to becoming a forceful “Give me your phone, and go play outside”. Its incredible how much social media, and media, all in all, take up our time and attention.

#YOUREGOINGOUTSIDE – Brennan Tracy – Vine

Social media, and media is also changing the way we do business, marketing, all of our jobs, really.  Magazines and newspapers, all have their online “versions” of their writing. Businesses use social media to market services or products, so saying that it influences us and our career practices, is saying the absolute least. Additionally, now being in charge of social media can be a full time JOB.

We rely on media now so much that it influences the way we do anything and everything: work, business, talk, socialize, share thought or ideas, think ourselves, and more.  The overall fact here is that, more and more media advances will come in the future, continuing to influence the way we do things. Society and communication among others, change with these media/technological advances and we have no way to slow them down. We adapt to the media we use and allow them to influence what we do, how we do things, and what we think just because media has a way to reinforce our own so called – values, beliefs, and social norms.

We can’t control and it we are the victims. It will be interesting to see who’s objectified, and what is the “norm” years from now because of what the media tells us.

Sources:  Vine


4 thoughts on “BLOG #5: Go Play Outside”

  1. I love the vine you posted here. I feel like I’m always having that interaction with my 11-year-old niece.

    You describe the affectations of media perfectly. Yes, it’s changed society, but it’s also created jobs and expanded the platforms for traditional news media. All in all, I’d say it’s been a positive change, and possibly we know more than we ever might have without technology, but it can be disconcerting to think about how much we physically rely on it.

  2. I absolutely agree with you that we have become reliant on media and our phones in particular. We have access to so much on our smartphones: social media, the internet, games, and the people we choose to communicate with, among other things. For me personally, when I do not have my phone with me I feel like something is missing because it has become like and extension of my body. Although it is very useful to have such easy access to so many forms of media in my hand, sometimes I wish I wasn’t so attached to my phone because I think it can take away from face to face communication and enjoyment of the non-mediated world. Media has provided some great opportunities, but in a way it has also come to define who we are. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing is up for discussion.

  3. I completely agree with you and I think our generation relies so much on social media that it can change our relationships with people. When eating in a restaurant these days, you will often see younger people on their phones while older people are engaging more in conversation with one another. Social media has and still is really changing the way people have a relationship with one another. I think it has been good for people who have more of a long-distance relationship with a friend or family member but can negatively affect relationships of these who are located close to each other.

    I think in time it will be good if people understand the pros and cons of social media on relationships and learn to deal with them correctly or else internet relationships and communication will be drastically different and maybe not in a positive way.

  4. I truly hope that we as people can find a socially responsible way to manage the ever changing and fast paced world of technology. I have to admit, I have probably not done some of the amazing things in the world that I would have had I not had a cell phone or computer. I appreciate this post because it reminds me that there are many people who feel this way, and that not only should we embrace what the future holds for us, but that we should battle it to hold on to
    healthy humanistic nature.

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