Anti Siri

If I’ve learned anything, trying to predict the future of technology is foolish. Trends are called trends for a reason.  In my opinion the future advancements for our lifetime are here but have not been unveiled yet. There will no longer be new and old media. Technology will all be digital and it won’t be so much what the technology is but where the technology is.

 More and more creative minds are inventing ideas and are actually able to produce them. We have the most access to information than ever before. Technology will continue to advance and reach more people faster than ever.

I hope as a society people will start to hate technology. I know thinking of life without the all the technological advancements we have today seems outrageous. But doesn’t anyone else hate how much time we actually spend sitting aimlessly on our phone and laptops. Refreshing Twitter and Instagram every 5 minutes? Now, I might be a little more obsessive than others but I know people can relate to the stigma surround immediacy. Immediately responding to a Facebook post or text message. We are all constantly connected and socially active but have you ever felt legit closer to someone because you talk with him or her over text?

I don’t want to have a whiney kid that is complaining about lack of Wi-Fi and I hope as a society we reach a point where we want to cleanse from our technology and do things old fashioned like a hand written letter over a text, a face to face interview vs. Skype, using a map over Siri. (Okay maybe not maps.) I love to think of my pre-internet brain. I have a feeling it was more rested.

Speaking of Siri, although revolutionary, technology can be unreliable and more of a hassle than if we would have just done it ourselves. Siri hates me and can never seem to understand me. Lord help us if more “Siris” are in our future.  With that being said, the progress in medical advancements we have made have been impressive and hopefully will continue saving lives. Also, the media market has become extremely saturated and I like the freedom we have as a society to watch what we want to watch. Hopefully, this next generation embraces citizen journalism and their tech savvy abilities to reach out for the public good.

Technology is definitely a double edge sword and one I know that I take for granted. I can embrace the technological advancements because I know they won’t be going anywhere. However, as far as it goes I know it will be instrumental in teaching and leading to progress enriching the minds of the next generation but I truly believe that I will be an “old fashioned” parent. My childhood was amazing and I spent hours on end playing outside and with the neighborhood crew. An active lifestyle is healthy and necessary for children that will need to balance out the vast amount of digital information and media that will over power them one day. Finding happiness through technology can lead to disappointments and emptiness.

Family, friends, fresh air, and travel are ultimately what matters and there have been advancements to make all the things we cherish easier to hold onto and access. However, these are all things that could pull us apart from them as well. Life has and always will be about balance. New information age or not. 

3 thoughts on “Anti Siri”

  1. I completely agree with your conclusion that technology is a double-edged sword. Like you said, individuals rely way to much on technology for social and entertainment purposes while, conversely, technology is a monumental help in many professional fields. I don’t know if our society as a whole will ever be able to make an appropriate distinciton between these types of uses of technology. Nevertheless, “predicting the outcome of a revolution is a fool’s game” so only time will tell.

  2. I completely agree we are over using technology for pleasure, but lets be honest technology is not going anywhere. I think that our idea of what technology is for has strayed what it was really intended for. In the past technology was invented to make life easier, this of course made life more pleasurable but that was not its sole purpose. A lot of todays technology is only for pleasure. I think we need to get back to making new technology to solve real problems. As a computer science major I spend much time of the computer for work, not for pleasure. Technology allows us to live the lives that we do today. We need to get away from the notion that technology is primarily for pleasure and use it to make the world a better place.

  3. I too completely agree with you that technology has way overtaken lives and has way too much influence sometimes. I think technology has and can have a direct effect on our relationships with one another. Our generation sits at a meal with one another texting and face booking on our phones, while our parents and grandparents would frown upon that. I hope that in the future that does not become the norm because i too believe I want to be an old fashioned mother and believe in the greatness of the outdoors!

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