Futuristic Future

Media is a large part of my everyday life. And until this year, when I took two media courses at school, I hadn’t noticed how big a part of my life it is. Anywhere I go with friends I see technology being used. There are times when six of my friends will all be in the same room and not a single one of us are talking because we are all consumed with some type of technology and media.

Media, especially social media, has taken over America by storm. Just within my life span, technology has changed immensely and in a very short amount of time. What does this mean for the future of media from now on? This past fall I read an article in the New York Times that talked about the future of media and where the modern world is going with it. It started off in a jokingly manner saying we will be driving our driverless cars to work watching the big football game from last night, talking about things that sound ridiculous to us now, but honestly could be in our future. At the pace that TV’s, phones, and computers have transformed, it almost feels like the future is limitless.

One thing that scares me the most for the future is raising kids in a world that will most likely be filled and focused on media. Already today, I see middle school kids struggle with so many more issues because social media is a part of their middle school experience. Social media was only just surfacing when I was an awkward middle schooler, but seeing what parents have to deal with this day and age scares me.

The future of the media also brings endless possibilities for the schooling of our future children, which is exciting. The future of media also gets me really excited for the future of journalism. People wonder why I’m going into a field that could be potentially dying, but I see it as an adventure. The opportunities and future of journalism are exciting because no one knows what it’s going to be like ten years from now and to be a part of that change is exciting. If John Stewart is a peak into future news, I’m pumped.

All in all, I think technology, especially media, will be transforming drastically within the next ten, twenty years and to be entering the work field during this drastic change is going to be exciting. I could see the Internet truly taking over our country, just like the NY Times article says. And while it may be scary and negative in some aspects, it creates a world that will be connected in more ways than we can even imagine.

One thought on “Futuristic Future”

  1. Good post, outstanding title!
    I think we’re on the same page with the role technology. No one could conceive of TV or Radio before their invention, and who can predict what will come next? Especially at today’s rate of innovation–we could be seeing the next big thing in as little as five years. And as you mentioned, we will be entering the workforce in earnest during the transformation. Bring it on!

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