Save the World, with just one click!

Technology is made to make our lives easier. Never before has it been easier to wash our clothes or heat up our leftovers. Media and the internet has made receiving news, creating news and keeping in touch with far away (or not that far away) friends and family a simple and mindless task. If everything has become so easy, have we become so lazy that we have forgotten fight for things we believe in?

Remember the days when women grouped together to fight for their rights? Or when Martin Luther King made an amazing inspiring speech to 250,000 supporters?  Okay, I don’t remember this because I wasn’t alive but I sure do remember learning about all these protests in history classes throughout the years! These protests are inspiring! People came together and changed the world, changed laws, and they did this with out huge amounts of money (which is the only way that people seem to change things today and usually not for the good of the people).

And how do we change the world today?

We sign online petitions or share videos on Facebook and Twitter. With just a click we feel like we have done something to help. And I’m not going to say that more people knowing about a cause is not helping it but it doesn’t seem to be enough. We share it and then forget about it! I think the future of media is taking away our drive to get off the couch and make a change in the world!

I saw a video on Upworthy and think it had  the opposite effect on me than it was supposed to. I was inspired by this guys drive and and child like ability to believe he could make a change. Obviously he wasn’t successful and like the video showed it is not really realistic to quit work and just leave to change the world! But that feeling that he wasn’t doing enough is definitely a feeling that I have experienced, and one that I often ignore.

We fill this feeling by sharing that inspiring video or signing the online petition. But unless we go further and take real life action like all those people before us, I’m scared we will loose our ability to make changes and will continue to use the internet as an easy way to be a part of the “change”.  How do we find that child like belief in a better world that we can create?

2 thoughts on “Save the World, with just one click!”

  1. I believe that there will always be people driven to make changes in the world. In the past only the people who were striving to make those changes had the ability to share their thoughts with mass amounts of people. Now with the internet the people who aren’t leading the change have the ability to share what they think is important. We can’t all change the world but technology give you the ability to share what is changing the world and be better informed. By sharing and keeping up on changes in the world I think you can still keep that child like belief that you are doing a small part to help change the world.

  2. I think that the media plays a unique role in humans’ ability to make changes in the world. In a sense, social media gives people the opportunity to spread their message to a large amount of people very quickly, which increases the awareness of more people. At the same time, as you mentioned, it seems that awareness promoted through media campaigns may not be able to result in the change that can be brought about by a determined group of people taking physical action. It will certainly be interesting to see how successfully people will be able to “change the world” through the use of social media in the future.

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