Where we’re going, we don’t need . . . Media Conglomeration

As a filmmaker, I am constantly asking myself whether or not the future of the media will be a prosperous one. After the quarter, I find myself skeptical about the existence of journalism and all news and entertainment media in general. However it is news companies like Vice and writers like the late Hunter S. Thompson that help me think a little more positively.

It is scary to think that everything is about profits and ratings these days. Major companies like Newscorp, Time Warner, and Comcast, rule the media world, but what about the true, raw journalism that used to exist? With videos and articles like “Walking into Europe” and “Russian Roulette: The invasion of Ukraine”, it is clear that this style of journalism is out there. Vice isn’t afraid of getting their hands dirty or offending people because they don’t have ties to larger corporations or political parties. It is imperative that companies like this, which promote the truth and importance of real world issues, continue to inspire future generations to do so as well. As the future looks bleak for traditional journalism, Vice continues to report on real issues and stories that occur every day.

Walking Into Europe:


Russian Roulette: The Invasion of Ukraine:

Although these stories seem like they are uncommon and minute examples of small issues in our world, they are not. These issues are what shape the world outside of the traditional news medium. If we continue to worry about what Honey Boo Boo is thinking, or whether or not Justin Bieber is going to be deported, then we will lose sight of what is important. The issues are out there and people are covering them, but they do not get enough public attention. Companies like Vice need to be supported because they give a voice to the people who can’t tell the world what the problems are. This may seem cliché, but I think we need to focus on whats actually happening in the world today in order to help fix the issues tomorrow. The future of journalism can still be a great one if we take the necessary steps required to stop the greed that controls large media conglomerates that in turn control our perception of the outside world.

Sterling Hayden once said: “To be truly challenging, the life that we live must be based on a firm foundation of financial unrest”. The quote goes on to say how we fling ourselves under the wheel of routine for security. Which raises the question of choice. “What will it be bankruptcy of pocket or bankruptcy of soul?”




Sterling Hayden Quoted by Steve Fisher, Black Book

3 thoughts on “Where we’re going, we don’t need . . . Media Conglomeration”

  1. Nice post, your perspective as a filmmaker is very insightful. I also really like Vice investigations, they do some really gritty reporting. I hope that they survive, and more of their ilk emerge in the coming decades.

  2. I am so glad someone else appreciates Vice. Until I discovered their site, I too was very skeptical about the current state and future of news and journalism. It seems that with mainstream news, there is so much content that is irrelevant or unimportant. But then again, it is also understandable that news corporations would produce such content because it is, after all, what the gives them a bigger audience. It is unrealistic to think that these things will change, but hopefully there will be more sites like Vice in the future that will continue to produce real newsworthy content.

    1. If you’re into Journalism, we should talk. I want to try and work toward something like Vice someday, and it would be really cool to spitball some ideas with a fellow DU classmate.

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