I Worry for My Children

As a twenty-year-old college student media affects my life on a daily basis. I am constantly checking my Facebook, my Instagram, and my Snapchat. My news is almost always given to me through those social media mediums. I am genuinely interest in what my friends are up to and what they choose to post. I am looking at a screen for the majority of my day. Technology is incorporated in almost every class that I take.


I believe that technology is a double-sided sword. Our generation is blessed with medical advances because of technology. Our generation is also lucky to have so many forms of communication. However, I do think that we are extremely dependent. Sometimes I wish that I can just “un-plug” from my technological life.


I have concerns for the involvement of media and technology in my children’s lives. I worry that they won’t find pleasure in flipping the pages of a Dr. Seuss book. I worry that they will forever be judged because of something they immaturely posted through social media. I also worry that they will be negatively influenced by expectations portrayed through the media. I hope to teach my children about the influence of media on our society and how it affects our every day lives in positive and negative ways. 

2 thoughts on “I Worry for My Children”

  1. I agree with you that the media has its advantages and its disadvantages. I think it will especially be important to teach future generations that not all things in the media are real, and to try to expose them to things we grew up with (books, playing outside) and that not everything in life has to be revolved around technology.

  2. I think it would be helpful if future generations were first taught how to use technology before it is put in their hands. I don’t mean just telling them that there are bad people on the internet and you have to avoid them. But also to teach them that the internet is a way of communication, and some people use suggestive text or images that might manipulate your thinking unknowingly.

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