technology and the future

Obviously in the past ten years, technology has transformed lives; with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other sorts of new media emerging, people are always connected, sharing, updating, tweeting, posting…you name it. New media has created a tech savvy, but also a tech obsessed generation. IPhones are now considered an extension to the body, never leaving someone’s hand.  Instead of conversing at diner, people are on their phones texting, checking their social media pages. I saw one commercial that describes scenarios where people are missing moments with their children, coworkers, and friends, because they are on their phones.

This commercial is accurate in that people are spending too much time on technology, instead of interacting with the people around them. Apple responded with a commercial which displayed a child obsessed with their IPhone during a holiday gathering, but instead of checking their social media pages, this child was putting together a video of the holiday experience, documenting the family together.

I’m not saying that technology and new media haven’t had a poor effect on youth, but I will say that technology and new media have been used to organize and create change. During the Arab Spring, activists took to twitter and other social media pages to organize, debate, and protest. Social media had a huge role in ending Mubarak’s reign.

As far as the future goes, there will never be a limit. Something new can always be created or invented in the fields of technology. Wearable technology, in the next ten years, is really going to take off, as well as smart kitchens and smart cars. Every year in Las Vegas, there is the Consumer Electronics Show, which displays a number of new technologies. With Google glass, fin, and a number of other wearable tech emerging, the way we interact and complete day-to-day tasks will drastically change. As far as our children, I hope they don’t become as obsessed with social media as our current generation.

One thought on “technology and the future”

  1. I think the example of the video really brings up a good point of the line between being on our phones just to be on our phones and being on our phones for an actual purpose that might be benefiting us and maybe the people around us. But I personally think that people spend wayyyyy too much time on their phones. In fact it tends to drive me nuts. I liked your comment about hoping that the coming generations don’t become driven by and obsessed with social media but, what is to stop them from doing so? What could possibly prevent our children from using social media to the extent we currently do (or greater)? I see no way that we could stop it from happening because everything is at our fingertips and I don’t see it going away anytime soon. People like seeing what other people are doing and getting information so quickly. I wish it weren’t true either but I don’t even see a possibility of it not happening, at least in some form.

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