The Future of Media in My Life

For about a decade now, all types of media have been a pretty big part of my life.  From my first memory of a major media event, which was the twin towers attack, to my latest, the Boston Bombing incident, media has influenced what I do along with my peers.  Media controls what is in style and what is no longer something that should be happening.  They play with our emotions, entertain us and make us obsess, but in the end, we need each other to function. 


New media creates relationships, ideas and uncertainty, but maybe it isn’t just the media creating it.  Maybe it’s the people like me sitting behind a computer pouring my thoughts out in a blog post that will spark an idea for someone else.  Maybe this post will evoke someone to spark up a conversation with me that create a new friendship.  Our media does have its unquestionable positivity’s about it.  I personally use media to connect with my beliefs, my likes and friends that I no longer see on a regular basis. 

I am no hardcore politics guru but I do chose one news station over another because of the material they portray on their outlet.  With the amount of diversity in that portion of media, people are able to pick and chose the news outlet. 

My biggest interest in life is sports, not just the playing of the sports, but the makeup of every franchise from owner to towel boy and what it takes to keep a successful sports business running.  ESPN and every local sports station keeps me up to date on what is going on in the sports world.

 For me, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are my most visited websites.  Each one of those serves a different purpose in my life.  I use each media outlet to connect with different people in different ways.


I believe that when our generation begins to have children, their entire world will be consumed with electronics and media.  You are already beginning to see children with Iphones or Ipads connecting with the media world with very limited supervision from their parents.  So when I begin to have children I already plan on their entire curriculum in school being based off of Ipads and media based studies.  Also, media has taken enormous leaps and bounds in the past few years and I plan on it only getting bigger and a more integrated portion of our lives. 


One thing I do fear is the constant need of power in conglomerations and that never-ending chase to become the most powerful.  The diversity we have right now in media is great and like I said earlier, people have a vast field to choose from in many classifications.  As we get older, the need for power may grow and conglomerations may begin to buy out struggling outlets.  This will greatly affect the concentration of our news and entertainment.    

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