The Integration of Technology and Our Lives

Media and society are forever growing. As media evolves, we as a society move with it. I was lucky enough to attend a keynote during fall quarter that was about the growing media technologies we will soon see in households. The speech was giving by one of the high-up professionals that work at NBC Universal. Although I don’t remember his name or exact position, I do remember a little bit he had to say about the future of media.

He talked a lot about the new technologies arising, including Google Glass, which has recently been introduced the public. I agreed with a lot he was saying which ranged from the amazing technology it took to make Google Glass and the ridiculousness of wearing computer glasses. Technologies have grown to a point where instead of using them outside of your day-to-day actives, they have actually been integrated into our social life.

This integration isn’t stopping just yet. At the keynote, they revealed some of the tech being created right now that show this tech and life integration even more. The one that stood out to me was these contacts that act in a similar manner to Google Glass. This stood out to me because all I could think about is putting a tiny computer that close to my eye can’t be safe, but this is a prime example of the integration taking place. I’m constantly baffled by the tech that is being created and it blows my mind that we could even attempt to make contacts that will let us see and search the Internet.

We’re breaking the barrier between life and technology and combining them into this new technological phenomenon that is taking over the world in a sense. This constant integration between our life and the technologies that arise in it, I feel, can be both negative and positive.

We are being consumed. Obsessed with the idea that technology is required to live. Honestly though, in this day and time I couldn’t imagine anyone being completely stable, financially and socially, without technology. Of course you can take an Into the Wild ideal and live alone in the woods but to call that stable is a little foolish. These new media technologies give more immediate and interesting information and are very helpful in that sense. I just wonder if we will ever go to far when it comes to integrating technology in our lives.

4 thoughts on “The Integration of Technology and Our Lives”

  1. Their are some insane technologies out that there and having a computer in your eyeball is certainly one of them. It amazes me how advancements in technologies have made our lives, especially in the US, so easy. Having clean water and good food is necessary to survival and luckily in the US most people always have access to both. Do you think we should focus our energies and money on new crazy advancements like a eyeball computer? Or on providing the basic necessities to everyone worldwide? I personally believe a balance between both is important. I simply hope we don’t focus on these crazy, seemingly unnecessary, technologies and forget what truly matters.

    1. I totally agree. We do need a healthy balance between the two. Of course it would probably be more beneficial to the community as a whole to focus on basic necessities but I feel we are so use to change that we wouldn’t be able to cope with a shut down of technological advancement.

  2. I like your question Mac and I agree with Hayden’s answer. We need to find a healthy balance in our lives between our hobbies and responsibilities and media consumption and “screen time”.

  3. I really like how you brought up Google Glass as an example of technology literally being integrated into us. As of right now, most people are essentially addicted to their cell phones, which are still an external piece of technology. However, with inventions like Google Glass and the Samsung watch/smartphone gadget, technology is literally becoming a part of us. It will be interesting to see how much more integrated it will be in the future. Perhaps we will have computer chips installed in our brains that let us access any information we want. Only time will tell, but it certainly appears that we are heading down the road to full integration.

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