Our Future in Media and Technology

For our generation and future generations, we will all have grown up in the age of modern technology. We will have grown up with cellphones, the internet, computers, etc. It has always been apart of our lives and will continue to be in the future. We will continue to influence media and technology, and media and technology will continue to influence us.

Media will continue to evolve to the needs and wants of the public and vise versa. We will continue to rely on the media outlets and gatekeepers to inform us about society and culture through their influence and our own influence upon each other. The method by which we interact with media will also continue to change and the line between sender and receiver will cease to exist. Even now we can say that senders are receivers and receivers and senders. They work together in a cycle.

We take the media and modern technology for granted. In our parents generation, they did not grow up with cellphones, the internet, or computers. These things have made it easier for us to find information, connect with people from around the world, and share information amongst each other in ways that people wouldn’t have even imagined 20 years ago.

Our strong attachment to the media and modern technology is not necessarily a good thing. The easy access to a plethora of information makes it easier for people to plagiarize, be distracted by social media and other forms of media, and just looking up information does not mean we have learned it. As we all know, this past month PioneerNet and Blackboard had some major issues that prevented us from accessing the internet and printers and some people couldn’t even get into buildings because the keycard locks were also not working. In this event, I realized how dependent we are on this technology to allow us to do simple things, and that without it we are at a loss and sometimes struggle to function without it.

As our technology and media advance we will have to adapt to it and it to us.

Here are some very interesting videos about technology and how it can influence our future media and lives, in a time that does not seem to be too far from now.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-GXO_urMow (w/commentary)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfgmlVxLC9w (w/o commentary)

This video presents a future where our lives are surrounded by interactive, durable glass. The ideas that Corning presents are not far fetched at all. The interactive glass would benefit companies around the world, allow doctors from different continents to share information and help examine each others patients, and let students visually and physically interact with the lesson.



In this video by the Australian company Telstra, they present a world with technology that is suggested to not too far ahead of our present time, where it is common for people to have Google-glasses-like glasses that take photos, inform the user of a text, tell time, and more. There is also a refrigerator with a digital shopping list on the door that keeps track of what is needed, a phone that is clear like glass and compatible with other technological devices with just a swipe on the screen, and more. Also, the song is “Such Great Heights” by Death Cab for Cutie, which could have been used to support the ideas and future technologies that Telstra presented in the video.

Oculus Rift








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