Technology for the future

I was sitting in the library with one of my friends and I was talking out loud while brainstorming my topic for this post.  I said something along the lines of, “there will be heavy reliance on technology”.  My friend said “there already is!”  I completely agree with her of course, but it got me thinking, what more could change for the future?  Nothing.  Nothing will change, in the way that we will be heavily reliant on technology and our reliance will continue to grow and grow and grow some more.   I can’t envision a future without technology.  I can’t imagine a world in the future where we won’t need it.  As the media grows, we will be forced to grow as well because if we don’t grow with it we will be left behind.  There is no way that our society can move in a direction that media won’t be needed.  Going along with that, we are forced to use technology, the internet and the media in our everyday lives.  For example, I can rarely do any of my homework as a student without needing my computer.  I have research that needs to be done, homework assignments on websites, and papers to be written up.    

                Because the new media is so interactive already, I see the participation of the viewer increasing and an increase in citizen journalism.  I see an increase of professional networks and professional resources relying more and more on the everyday citizen.  Maybe not necessarily “relying” on the people’s information, but using and publishing information that everyday people might have discovered or experienced first.  To me, it seems as if the “I’m there, you’re not, let me tell you about it” idea might be more and more applicable to the citizen journalist and not just the traditional journalist.  Especially because we carry our cell phones around with us everywhere and we can document an event at a moment’s notice.  Because of this, I unfortunately see a continued drop in the amount of journalists.   I wish this wasn’t the case because of the resources and benefits that professional journalists have at their disposal.  But that is what I think will happen.

                The influence of new media on me and my peers can already be seen in everyday life.  As a college student, I don’t have a TV in my room, I just have my laptop and that is where I get all of my information from.   If I hear about something by word of mouth it is from my friends and then I immediately turn to the internet as my source of information.  As for the civic actions of me and my peers, I think there will be a lot of online activism and opinions.  People will continue to have their values and beliefs but will do it from a distance.  People will hide behind wall of the internet and the anonymity that is also possible from the internet.   

This is an article on civic actions that I found that was interesting:

                I think that the advances that are being made in this day and age are actually amazing.  It seems crazy to me that all of this was invented, and fairly recently.  But it is hard to imagine my life without it.  I think that by the time I might be having kids, the technological advances will still be rolling out.  But unfortunately I see these products being forced down our throats a little, and like I mentioned before, we might have to submit to it slightly just so we can keep up with everyone else.  As a student now who relies so much on technology, I can only imagine that my children will unfortunately be in the same place.  But I would like to say that I would try and do my best to prevent an unhealthy reliance on Facebook, or something like that.  Though, by that time comes around, it might be difficult to tell what an “unhealthy” amount will be because of the necessity of technology to function today. 

I think that the technological future is bright and full of discoveries and advances but I fear that the affects will be negative for society. 

5 thoughts on “Technology for the future”

  1. One thing that I think about a lot is the fact that even our library has been adapted to be more technological, yet it is less of a traditional library and more of a computer lab. You stated technology has been shoved down our throats and I completely agree. Take for instance this blog post. What if I refused to use computers? What if I was against it? Well, I wouldn’t be able to take this class, let alone go to DU. I understand that it is very important to adapt to technology in order to be a productive member of society, but to what lengths will it go? I think this is why there is such nostalgia that we see today for simpler times. i.e. the 80’s, 90’s ect.

    1. I never thought about nostalgia for the 90’s in that way but I think that really makes sense. I like the idea of simpler times where I didn’t have to worry about checking facebook everyday and remembering the goofy, yet simple things of my childhood. It was simpler, I think because we had less available to us, and therefore less to worry about. Technology wasn’t as readily available. People couldn’t check their emails on their phones. It would have to wait until later when we got home. Its interesting to me to start thinking about how yes technology makes our lives “easier” in the way we can access what we want when we want but I would also say that it could make our lives “harder” because we are constantly worried about it and it can cause more stress. I mean you definitely didn’t hear about texting and driving in the 90’s.

  2. I completely agree with you about the fact that I have no idea how things become more technological. It seems that things are constantly, rapidly changing but I don’t understand how. Technology definitely makes things “easier” but I don’t know if it makes things better. Yes, we definitely need it, but I often wonder if it is taking away from other aspects of our lives.

    1. I would definitely agree that it is taking away from other aspects of our lives. I see myself, and people around me spending more and more time using the internet and technology. Sometimes people even forsake doing something outside, just because of the convenience of the technology at our finger tips. I think that technology does make somethings in our life better because we can access the information we want very quickly but, that leads to the access of information that we probably didn’t want or need but we get anyway. And then we get distracted by it. Sometimes the rapid change of technology is hard to keep up with. I struggle to imagine what is to come sometimes.

      1. I also agree. That’s funny because today I was walking to class I realized I saw people outside playing football two days in a row, that doesn’t seem very common anymore because we can find so much to do inside. But they were talking about Wi-Fi so I guess that changes things haha.

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