The Future of Media

I believe that the media industry will continue to grow and expand as the years go on. There’s no denying that it consumes many people’s lives. In the U.S. at least it’s extremely hard to get away from it. For example just being a college student, your required to have a laptop, grades and many assignments are posted online, registering for classes is online, so no matter how hard you try you have to stare at a screen for at least the four years you’re here. It’s very hard to predict what the new next big thing is, because media trends feed off of each other. Who would have thought that vampires would become cool? But after the book series Twilight made into the movies, it became a huge phenomenon that sparked the television series “Teen Wolf” and “Vampire Diaries” which were related to vampires/mystical creatures. Same goes for the “Hunger Games” book series made into movies, now we see other trends of “utopian” worlds playing out in books and movies.

I can’t predict what the media will be like in the future, only that it will continue to expand just as it has in the past. If people are worried about future generations being too consumed by the media than it is our job to teach them what we feel is important; our traditional values/morals, that what you see on the internet/television is not always real, and to help guide them through these understandings.

2 thoughts on “The Future of Media”

  1. I think that is a really interesting point that people are consumed by technology. I also agree with this statement, and some people are definitely consumed by their cell phones (with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and they do not even notice it. I believe this will continue in the future as well.

  2. Great post Julia! I thought it was really interesting how you tied in a popular culture reference such as Twilight. Because honestly I ask myself all the time how the hell did people become so obsessed with vampires! Vampire Circus, Vampire School, Twilight, TrueBlood, Vampire Diaries, the list goes on and on. It shows the power of us as a society and the influence of our interests has on the future production of media. We consume and consume and suck a topic dry (no pun intended) until vampires will be “out” and something else will be in!

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