The Future

Technology is in the forefront of all news today and I do not anticipate that changing.  I see it becoming more and more prevalent.  Newspapers and magazines will become fewer and fewer while online journals and blogs will become even more popular than they are today. I saw an interesting article a while back referencing how Fox News has lost its credibility. I think that things like this are cyclical and will constantly be changing.  The leading news producers will flip flop who is on top and who is slipping behind.  A few things will not change, conglomerates will always be there.  I think that it could even become more apparent.  Less and less companies will own the majority of all news.  This is scary to think about.  We are already somewhat brainwashed from all the media that we see that is either biased or one sided.  Things could get worse.  I can think of something that could, and may, combat this.  User-generated content.  Blogs. I see blogs taking off in the future.  People want to know quick stories, written in a way that we can zoom through them.  Everything is moving in the quick direction.. no one sits down and reads the newspaper before they go to work.  They check their phone for updates or emails.  I see the media really going in this direction.  Quick blog updates sent to mobile devices that pinpoint the users interests and concerns and simply send the user what he or she wants to know and hear about.  “Mobile” will dominate.  Having all the information that you may want in the palm of your hand… that’s what our generation wants.

I could be completely wrong.. Media and technology are constantly changing and I really can’t predict what is going to happen.

I found this article about the future of digital media and found it to be really interesting. 

2 thoughts on “The Future”

  1. I have also thought about the possibility of our media system moving away the system we use now. The technology we have now allows us to do the same thing the large media companies are doing with a lot less over head. This allows for a much lower entrance cost into the media industry. This idea reminds me a lot of SlugLine in House of Cards. Zoe Barns, a journalist in the show, worked for the Herald then left because the owners would not let her write what she wanted. After leaving she went to SlugLine which was a company that let their reporters write what they wanted. These reporters would post from their phone from where ever they were. I thought this was a really great idea when watching the show and it lines up perfectly with what your are describing. I think this is a real possibility in the near future and would cause the big media companies a lot of problems.

  2. I like your comment at the end because in this day and age, the future is really hard to predict. But I do agree with what you said. There will be more conglomeration and corporate ownership. I think there will also be more blogs and citizen journalism. Though, I don’ thing that blogging or citizen journalism are bad things. I think they add a contemporary and new perspective on the world that is ever-changing and continuously speeding up.
    I like that you brought up Fox News because I saw an article once that said “Fox News is where news goes to die”. I think this is because of a variety of reasons like the ownership and the reputation that it has. But I would like to think that even though the amount of newspapers and magazines are decreasing, that they are not losing their credibility. I am really not in a position to judge that but I think that most of the mass media networks and companies will remain fairly valid and legit even if the actual printing of paper is decreasing. But like you said, who is to know for sure.

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