Media in the future.


In order to generate an opinion about how media will transform in the coming years, I will start by comparing two commercials, both from Coca-Cola. The first commercial is from the 1970’s, and the second was released in 2012.

The first commercial is all singing, giving it a light and playful mood, but not very attention grabbing. Some shots last for around 15 seconds. There aren’t very many stereotypes at play, I couldn’t I even say what one of them is. The commercial allows us to get an idea of what some of Coke’s ideals were back in the 70’s: it assumes that people value diversity and global integration. Therefore they use advertising tactics to play off of those values, resulting in a commercial featuring people from all over the world singing together. They are trying to get people to buy their product, but they do so without making negative assumptions about viewers. What they are saying about Coke is that it also values diversity.

The second commercial obviously has much better cinematic production. You are immediately viewing an execution scene, which is apparent within 2 seconds of the ad beginning. What this commercial is saying is that Coke Zero can get you out of any trouble. If a guy can get out of being executed, you can do anything, especially lose weight because there are no calories. It’s presenting Coke as a problem solving device that can save your life, whereas the first commercial showed Coke as a rich and cultured company. The second commercial assumes that you want to consume less calories because you think it will make you thinner.

I’d say overall the second commercial uses a much more brainwash-like technique: They make it seem as though Coke can do things it really can’t. This shows a trend as time goes on of companies doing more to make their product seem better than it really is by playing off of the ideals of the audience.

I think that in the future, companies will become even more manipulative and outrageous with their advertising, and they will try even harder to control the way the audience views their product. The longer goes by, the more developed and advanced advertising practices become. Compare the simple intent behind the Coke commercial from the 70’s to that of the Dove commercial we viewed in class. The dove commercial is a huge scheme that seeks to accomplish the same thing but in a very different and more complex way. The Dove commercial assumes that the audience is scornful and aware of the cheesy techniques that companies nowadays are known to use, and seeks to convince you that they are as well. But why are we scornful of the cheesy ads? Because we know that they are just trying to get us to buy their product. But Dove is also, they are just doing it by making  the audience think that they are on our side. Conceptual advertising technology will become more creative in ways to control the human mind.

2 thoughts on “Media in the future.”

  1. I like that you took a different approach by analyzing advertisements. I would definitely agree that they have changed over time. I agree that we definitely have the ability and do sluff off commercials and advertisements today but I also would say that the advertisements today are becoming bigger and bigger productions that are designed to be like short films. They are advertising still but they are doing it in ways that are more and more creative and ways that make them sometimes seem less and less like advertisements. I think that advertisements seem to also be trying to be a source of entertainment and enjoyment. I wouldn’t go as far as to say control the human mind but I would say that the advertisements are being designed in a way sometimes that we are forgetting that they actually are advertisements.

    1. Yes, commercials are for sure seeming less and less like commercials, which I think is itself an advertising technique, and one that people don’t identify easily yet because it is a fairly new thing.

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