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BLOG #5: Go Play Outside

In this course we have analyzed media to the fullest, gaining a better understanding of how media works as a whole to influence us and reinforce our norms and societal values/beliefs. The future of media will be interesting to see and experience.

Think of when Facebook came out, something along the lines of the MySpace platform, but growing in popularity quicker, and exceeding MySpace’s members. After Facebook, the next popular social media outlet was Twitter. For myself, I didn’t think social media could expand much more beyond picture and status sharing through the two outlets – the motives of both outlets so far. However, media has bewildered me. From Facebook to Twitter to Flickr, to Instagram, to Tumblr, to Foursquare, etc.,  social media alone has caused those with smartphones to be practically dependent on their wireless device for social order and day – to – day functioning. I can see the punishment of my children in the future to becoming a forceful “Give me your phone, and go play outside”. Its incredible how much social media, and media, all in all, take up our time and attention.

#YOUREGOINGOUTSIDE – Brennan Tracy – Vine

Social media, and media is also changing the way we do business, marketing, all of our jobs, really.  Magazines and newspapers, all have their online “versions” of their writing. Businesses use social media to market services or products, so saying that it influences us and our career practices, is saying the absolute least. Additionally, now being in charge of social media can be a full time JOB.

We rely on media now so much that it influences the way we do anything and everything: work, business, talk, socialize, share thought or ideas, think ourselves, and more.  The overall fact here is that, more and more media advances will come in the future, continuing to influence the way we do things. Society and communication among others, change with these media/technological advances and we have no way to slow them down. We adapt to the media we use and allow them to influence what we do, how we do things, and what we think just because media has a way to reinforce our own so called – values, beliefs, and social norms.

We can’t control and it we are the victims. It will be interesting to see who’s objectified, and what is the “norm” years from now because of what the media tells us.

Sources:  Vine

How MTV Programming Displays Gender Roles Through Reality TV : Jersey Shore

We all know Reality TV is entertaining for many reasons: the profanity, the sex, the scandals, and the drama. However, if we dig deep into specific reality television shows on MTV specifically, and how they display the gender roles of our “social culture”, along with the ideologies they present to their audiences, it can be quite shocking. Not only can these shows influence their audiences, eventually they have the ability to reinforce the wants, needs, and values in both media and our social culture of the viewers.

Jersey Shore, a well known reality television show for its craziness, absurdity, profanity, sex, and most importantly: the drama. To say that this show displays ideologies and gender roles of male and females is saying the very least. Jersey Shore is also known to be the platform of many reality television shows.  So, let’s get into it:


The males of the show: Ronny (large muscle man with a mohawk, a cheater, dates Sammi), Mike (typical “douche” of the show who is obsessed with himself and his body along with all females) , Vinny (italian family boy always looking for a girl to bring home), DJ Pauly D (the comedian, uses hair gel to spike his hair-do, #T-ShirtTime)

Their Routine: Gym, Tan, Laundry. Reinforcing the male gender role/stereotypes of being strong, buff, muscles, attractive, and overall masculine.

* Will bring home any-any amount of girl(s) so they “get some”


The Females of the show: JWOW (Boyfriend Issues, Works out a lot, bronzer, a lot of makeup, large breasts) , Snooki (short, bronzer, a trouble-drunk), major boy issues), Deena (friend of Snooki’s from home, the “meatballs”) , Sammi (dates Ronny on the show, gets cheated on, always fights, “bitch”, could be seen as an airhead)

Their RoutineGym, Tan Laundry, Use of  a lot of makeup, long-done nails, Much day drinking, CRYING. The routine of all the females reinforce the gender roles/stereotypes of females to look fake with much makeup, painting nails, “slutty” clothing, large breasts, and being over emotional.

I believe the issue with Jersey Shore, is the ideologies it displays and reinforces to the viewers. After analyzing, Jersey Shore reinforces ideologies dealing with male superiority, the sexual objectification of women, the ideas and motives of less conservative lifestyles including massive amounts of sex, profanity, excessive partying, etc. Males are meant to be buff – the alpha male – , bring home girls, have sex with a lot of girls. Females are supposed to be “hot”, and dress with minimal clothing, wear a lot of makeup…

For example, from an “MTV Reality Study” from, Jersey Shore is included within the study, analyzing the actions of each character and gender group:

“Overall, women were more disparaging than men when speaking of themselves or someone of their own gender.  Positive dialogue between females focused on their appearance, sense of accomplishment and emotional resilience.

Most popular positive words directed at females:

Female to Female: Pretty, proud, strong

 Female Self-Talk: Excited, happy

 Male to Female: Nice, cool, hot

 (For purposes of this study ‘positive’ is defined by the speaker’s intentions. Positive includes dialogue intended to be complimentary, supportive, comforting, and/or encouraging. (Example: If a male said to a female, ‘You look hot!’ The dialogue is coded as positive if , based on the context of the scene, the speaker intended the statement as a compliment). 

Males tended to refer to females as ‘cool’ and view them more favorably when females displayed characteristics that males considered more “male-like” (e.g., not wanting to linger or engage after intercourse, not viewing sex as an indication of a greater commitment, not requiring romance prior to intercourse, not being jealous ” (The Parent’s Television Council, Pg 6)

The content of Jersey Shore can influence individuals of the wrong age group, including younger teenagers or even pre-teens who have access. It is a bad representation of life as an adult to those who are not mature enough for specific content included within the episodes.

Moreover, especially after Jersey Shore MTV specifically offers many reality TV that is progressively inappropriate that reinforces social norms, stereotypes of men and women, and prospective gender roles in our social culture today.


^ YouTube Video “”

Twitter Killed Giffords, Not the Shooter

Social Media can be a good news source in certain situations, however how do we know if we can trust it? We don’t. One of the issues with Twitter, for example, is that it has a never ending newsfeed with updates every single second, not necessarily  spreading information that is factual. Although citizens are taking on the role as media producers as well as media consumers, the aspect of media producers and gatekeeping/gatewatching on our own can be more harmful than helpful. Once one piece of false information is distributed people believe what they hear or see, over looking for the facts, therefore we can literally fail at being journalists.

For example,  in the article “How Incorrect Reports of Gifford’s Death Spread on Twitter”, Steve Safran exclaims how Twitter was the cause of one huge misunderstanding. On January 8, 2011 Congresswoman  Giffords was shot in Tucson, Arizona by a 22 year old at her public appearance. The Twitter feed exploded after the event as the rumor started that Giffords was now DEAD after being shot in the head. For example a Tweet spreading this false information:

Because of tweets like this, other news outlets took the information and distributed as well. Thus, not too long after tweets were spreading from retweets, NPR and BBC News reported the same information.

Since these news outlets, especially NPR, are news outlets that are commonly referred to by the people, we can see how easy it is for false (and true) information to spread quickly and fluently. We will believe anything! Those who started the tweeting about this incident took part in gatewatching, and through gatekeeping chose that this story, even though not proven true, was a story to distribute through new media outlets such as this example on Twitter. Moreover, the more tradition media outlets were not the ones spreading this false information.

The truth of the story was that no, Giffords did not die at the scene and was actually responding to doctors after she was shot. Additionally, doctors had hope in her survival because she was responding so well:

“Doctors were optimistic about Giffords surviving as she was responding to commands from doctors. ‘With guarded optimism, I hope she will survive, but this is a very devastating wound,’ said Dr. Richard Carmona, the former surgeon general who lives in Tucson.”   (The Huffington Post).

There are two challenges apparent in this situation: One, the fact that these new media outlets allow users to spread “news”, “information”, whether it is true or not, influences other news outlets and the people who they are followed by. Secondly, during this event after the false information was corrected by traditional news outlets, wronging those who tweeted that Giffords had died, tweets were deleted. The challenge here is that does it matter that these tweets were deleted? That is false influence spread information to Giffords’ family and husband even, that she was DEAD. Is it really GONE? No. Unfortunately what one says on the internet, new media, social media, etc., is never really gone. Within the time these tweets were present who knows how many people saw them. A click of button doesn’t delete the false panic that was resulting. Although some who distributed the false information apologized, it doesn’t take back from the overall effect at the time.


The Death of Morality by Popular Culture

Morality, the first word of the dictionary for conservatives. Where morality comes into play, is with media content, and the control of media content. However, at this point is there any way to control media content anymore? With all of the media outlets we have today including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, SnapChat, Vine and more, free speech is all over the place. We can post pretty much anything on any media outlet now, and there is almost nothing anyone can do about it, especially the conservatives.

So where this fits in, is with the subject of “Content Distribution” from the textbook, where regulating for content diversity, morality, ratings, and warning, etc., fill the subject. Obviously, the topic I am focusing on here, is Regulating for Morality, and how there practically cannot be any regulation anymore on a daily basis.

From the text book, we receive a quote from Bob Dole in 1995, a current presidential candidate at the time “[O]ne of the greatest threats to American family values is the way our popular culture ridicules them. Our music, movies, television, and advertising regularly push the limits of decency, bombarding our children with destructive messages of casual violence and even more casual sex.” -Bob Dole, (Media/Society David Croteau & William Hoynes, 94). Thus, what I am saying is that for our popular culture and morality, there is no #regulation. And yes, our children probably are getting bombarded with the indecency. Go on Vine, or any other smartphone social media application and you will see provocative, and inappropriate dancing to the song “Grind On Me”, to Miley half naked Twerking with her tongue out.

Some background: one of the first criticized companies for failing with morality was Time Warner because of our popular culture in the 1990s. The reason for this, was the upcoming of “gangsta rap”. If that set of conservatives…I honestly do not want to know what they think of our music today. Indecency has become a fad, where cussing rap and thrusting our hips to songs is practically the cool thing to do when messing around with friends.

The point is: Morality is regulated with a hands-off approach (so not at all). So who benefits? Well us, the young ones controlling social media. Who is constrained? Well the conservative people in society (the oldies) and conservative-government as a whole, because they can’t really control what we do anymore in the sense of morality. It’s practically a new world. There are no suggestions that I can think of for regulating morality, because I think the freedom we have is good and really, really entertaining even with all of the twerking involved. Media has changed our popular culture, especially since the 1990’s, and although Bob Dole may be having a heart attack from exposure to our generation’s actions today within or on the media…morality is becoming much more lenient and I’m not sure if there’s anything we can do to stop it.

**Click on the linked phrases to see examples of the phrase it highlights , the videos are attached below as well if you want to see how we threw morality out the door!


Berkshire Hathaway – A conglomerate holding company

Berkshire Hathaway, a conglomerate holding company in Nebraska, owns many other companies, called subsidiaries. The subsidiaries included within Berkshire Hathaway Vary greatly from one another,   including businesses/products of insurance, clothing, building products, flight services, retail, and most importantly:  media.

The Ownership Map that follows, includes the information given from this website here.

Ownership Map

Insurance Companies


– General Re


Clothing Companies 

Union Underwear Corp

– Fruit of the Loom

– Garan

– Russel Corporation

– Brooks Sports

– H.H. Brown Shoe Group

-Fechheimer Brothers

– Justin Brands

Building/Building Product Companies

– Acme Building Brands

– Benjamin Moore $ Co.

– Johns Manville

– Shaw Industries

-Clayton Homes

Flight Service Companies

– FlightSafety International Inc.


Retail Companies

–  Nebraska Furniture Mart * home furnishing

– RC Willey Home Furnishing * home furnishing

– Jordan’s Furniture Inc. * home furnishing

– Ben Bridge Jewelers

– Helzberg Diamonds * jewelry chain

– The Pampered Chef * kitchen tools

– Sees Candies * chocolate retail

– Dairy Queen * food, snacks, dessert, beverage

Media Ownership

– Buffalo Evening News— Broadcast Television & Print Media

-Buffalo Courier-Express— Print Media

-Omaha World- Herald— Print Media

– 63 Newspapers from Media General Inc.— Print Media

-Richmond Times Dispatch— Print Media

-Winston-Salem Journal— Print Media

– The Eagle *Texas Daily— Print Media

– Waco Tribune Herald * Texas Daily— Print Media

– Tulsa World— Print Media

– Greensboro— Print Media

– Roanoke Times— Print Media


After the research I have done I came to the conclusion that all in all, Berkshire Hathaway has a large variety of subsidiary companies. Within the Media most importantly, the abundance of subsidiaries include Print Media from all over the Country. My opinion on all of the print media, refers me back to the idea of media being able to be influential. Therefore, Berkshire Hathaway may have a lot of power over the readers who buy the print media they own, if they wanted it at least. In respects to synergy, Berkshire Hathaway often used its subsidiary companies to then create their own minor company in the same industry. Additionally, I believe Berkshire Hathaway represents horizontal integration because they specific and single-representations of product or media in each of the industries it has subsidiary companies.

Last, but not least, I recognized only a few subsidiary companies of Berkshire Hathaway’s. For one, I found it interesting that Berkshire Hathaway owns GEICO, an insurance company that everyone knows the commercials to because of the Gecko “mascot” present. Dairy Queen was also a surprising company to see because I did not expect that it as a common chain, would be owned by a large conglomerate firm like Berkshire Hathaway.

** All information came from the links provided: Wikipedia & The Berkshire Hathaway.