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I Worry for My Children

As a twenty-year-old college student media affects my life on a daily basis. I am constantly checking my Facebook, my Instagram, and my Snapchat. My news is almost always given to me through those social media mediums. I am genuinely interest in what my friends are up to and what they choose to post. I am looking at a screen for the majority of my day. Technology is incorporated in almost every class that I take.


I believe that technology is a double-sided sword. Our generation is blessed with medical advances because of technology. Our generation is also lucky to have so many forms of communication. However, I do think that we are extremely dependent. Sometimes I wish that I can just “un-plug” from my technological life.


I have concerns for the involvement of media and technology in my children’s lives. I worry that they won’t find pleasure in flipping the pages of a Dr. Seuss book. I worry that they will forever be judged because of something they immaturely posted through social media. I also worry that they will be negatively influenced by expectations portrayed through the media. I hope to teach my children about the influence of media on our society and how it affects our every day lives in positive and negative ways. 

Would you go on The Bachelor?

ABC’s The Bachelor has been my reality television guilty pleasure for years now. For some reason I just can’t seem to stop watching the unbearably scripted love story between one man and twenty-six other women. However, after the sixty minutes of unrealistic romance is over I often think to myself how I would act in the Bachelor atmosphere.

While participating in The Bachelor process the women are all required to live under the same roof while they anxiously wait to be courted by the same guy. Women can go on one-on-one dates or group dates. While on these dates, the camera crew is constantly documenting (and possibly influencing) every single word that is said between the bachelor and the women.

I would find the constant video surveillance of my love life to be extremely uncomfortable and agitating. As we discussed in class, individuals are bound to be influenced by the presence of the camera crew and producers. It is simply unnatural to be on date with ten plus people around. It just isn’t reality. In a normal date setting one would most likely be at a small table in the back of a dimly lit restaurant looking into the eyes of their significant other. The Bachelor participates might also be filtering what they say because they know that the whole country will be watching. In every Bachelor season the women “let their guards down” and tell the bachelor something very personal and serious. This story is usually equipped with tears and sniffles. It’s almost as if every woman needs a hook in order to be advanced to the next episode.

I also find it abnormal to share the man you are supposed to be falling in love with and getting engaged to with twenty-six other women. It would be hard for me to develop relationships with women in the house when I know that they have romantic feelings with the same person that I have romantic feelings for. This also brings into question the stereotypes of men and women. The fact that there was a show created that promotes this type of relationship is concerning. If a man dates multiple women they are looked at as a “bro” or a “playboy” but if a woman does this then they are looked at as a “slut”.

The Bachelor, while entertaining to watch, is not true reality because of the influence of cameras and the unnatural dating environment the show creates.



            As a member of Generation Y and a current college student, it is hard to imagine what the world would be like without technology. Technology serves a great purpose in my every day life. I never leave my dorm room without my cell phone in hand and my laptop in my backpack. Throughout the day I check my newsfeed on Facebook, post noteworthy pictures on Instagram, and on rare occasion I use Twitter as an outlet to share my joys and frustrations. Before enrolling in this Introduction to Media and Culture class, I had no idea that my participation in social media could be considered journalism.

Citizen journalism is based upon the public’s engagement in collecting, reporting, and analyzing news. What is categorized as “news”? Well, that involves gatekeeping. Gatekeeping is the process by which media is filtered. Over the years the public has become much more influential in gatekeeping with the increasing importance of ratings and audience. The media strives to satisfy their audiences.

Take for example, MSNBC interrupting a congresswoman to report, “breaking news” on Justin Bieber’s arrest. When I watched this YouTube video I couldn’t help but laugh. How could Justin Bieber’s arrest possibly be breaking news? Americans find an increasing amount of value in the entertainment world and because of this Justin Bieber’s arrest is (apparently) worthy of interrupting a government official.

R rated movie with Grandma? Not a chance.

            I decided to research a “Content Distribution” regulation. More specifically, I researched Ratings and Warnings on Hollywood films. These regulations in the movie industry were instilled in the 1960’s by the government.  

            Ratings and Warnings on Hollywood films benefit the individuals that make up the audience. The individuals who are paying to watch the specific film that they so desire receive awareness when looking at the ratings. The film rating system includes five different ratings, G, PG, PG-13, R, and NC-17. In 1996, parental groups expressed their opinion that these ratings were too vague. So, now “age-plus-content” ratings were added. These include, S for sexual situations, V for violence, L for coarse language and D for suggestive dialogue.

A moviegoer who does not like violence would steer away from a rated R-violence action film. Just like someone who is looking to attend a movie with his or her grandmother would hesitate from choosing a rated R- sexual situation movie.

            The directors, actors and actresses, writers and producers are all constrained by this regulation. For instance, if a movie receives a violence regulation there is a chance that the ratings could go down. The regulations also hinder their creative abilities. A writer may feel less inclined to put a specific scene in the film.

            I believe that the regulations are good for the public. I would not alter this regulation. 

Blog Post #1 – The Walt Disney Company – Carly Smith

Walt and Roy Disney founded the Walt Disney Company in 1923. The company began as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio. At this time, Disney was producing animated cartoon sketches. Disney’s first feature-length animated film was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It is hard to picture such an influential and multi-national company-starting out so small. Disney is now a mass media corporation that produces everything from films to vacation cruises.


The Walt Disney Company Ownership Map:


Film and Theater

  • Disneynature
  • Disney Theatrical Productions
  • Touchstone Pictures
  • Marvel Entertainment
  • LucasFilm
  • Walt Disney Pictures
  • DisneyToon Studios
  • Walt Disney Animation Studios
  • Pixar Animation Studios
  • Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International (Distribution)
  • Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment


  • Disney Music Group
  • Hollywood Records
  • Walt Disney Records


  • ABC-Owned Television Stations Group
  • WLS (Chicago, IL)
  • KFSN (Fresno, CA)
  • KTRK (Houston, TX)
  • KABC (Los Angeles, CA)
  • WABC (New York, NY)
  • WPVI (Philadelphia, PA)
  • WTVD (Raleigh-Durham, NC)
  • KGO (San Francisco, CA)
  • Disney ABC Television Group
  • ABC Television Network (ABC Daytime, ABC Entertainment, and ABC News)
  • ABC Family
  • ABC Studios
  • A&E Television Networks (50%)
  • The Biography Channel (50%)
  • Disney ABC Domestic Television
  • Disney ABC International Television
  • Disney-ABC-ESPN Television
  • Disney Channel Worldwide (Disney XD, Playhouse Disney, Jetix, and ABC Kids)
  • History (formerly The History Channel) (50%)
  • H2 (50%)
  • Hungama
  • Lifetime Entertainment Services (50%)
  • SOAPnet
  • Disney Junior (Flanders and the Netherlands)
  • ESPN, Inc. (80%)
  • ESPN (and and
  • ESPN2
  • ESPN 3D
  • ESPN Classic
  • ESPN Deportes
  • ESPN Enterprises
  • ESPN Interactive
  • ESPN International
  • ESPN Mobile Properties
  • ESPN on Demand
  • ESPN Regional Television
  • Longhorn Network


  • WDDY AM (Albany, NY)
  • WDWD AM (Atlanta, GA)
  • WMKI AM (Boston, MA)
  • WGFY AM (Charlotte, NC)
  • WRDZ AM (Chicago, IL)
  • WWMK AM (Cleveland, OH)
  • KMKI AM (Dallas-Fort Worth, TX)
  • KDDZ AM (Denver, CO)
  • WFDF AM (Detroit, MI)
  • KMIC AM (Houston, TX)
  • WRDZ FM (Indianapolis, IN)
  • KPHN AM (Kansas City, MO)
  • KDIS FM (Little Rock, AR)
  • KDIS AM (Los Angeles, CA)
  • WMYM AM (Miami, FL)
  • WKSH AM (Milwaukee, WI)
  • KDIZ AM (Minneapolis, MN)
  • WQEW AM (New York, NY)
  • WDYZ AM (Orlando, FL)
  • WWJZ AM (Philadelphia, PA)
  • KMIK AM (Phoenix, AZ)
  • KDZR AM (Portland, OR)
  • WDZY AM (Richmond, VA)
  • KIID AM (Sacramento, CA)
  • KWDZ AM (Salt Lake City, UT)
  • KRDY AM (San Antonio, TX)
  • KMKY AM (San Francisco, CA)
  • KKDZ AM (Seattle, WA)
  • WSDZ AM (St. Louis, MO)
  • WWMI AM (Tampa, FL)
  • ESPN Radio
  • WMVP (Chicago, IL)
  • KESN (Dallas-Fort Worth, TX)
  • KSPN (Los Angeles, CA)
  • WEPN (New York, NY)
  • WDDZ AM (Pittsburgh, PA)


  • Hyperion Books
  • ABC Daytime Press
  • Hyperion
  • Jump At The Sun
  • Mirimax Books
  • Voice
  • Disney Publishing Worldwide
  • Disney Digital Books
  • Disney English
  • Disney Global Book Group
  • Global Children’s Magazines
  • U.S. Magazines
  • ESPN The Magazine (50% with Hearst)
  • ESPN Books

Parks and Resorts

  • Adventures by Disney
  • Disney Cruise Line
  • Disneyland Resort
  • Disneyland Resort Paris (51%)
  • Disney Vacation Club
  • Hong Kong Disneyland (48%)
  • Shanghai Disney Resort (43%)
  • Tokyo Disney Resort (Owned and operated the Oriental Land Company)
  • Walt Disney Imagineering
  • Walt Disney World Resort


  • The Baby Einstein Company
  • Club Penguin
  • Disney Consumer Products
  • The Disney Store
  • Disney Apparel
  • Disney Accessories & Footwear
  • Disney Fashion & Home
  • Disney Food
  • Disney Health & Beauty
  • Disney Stationery
  • Disney Toys
  • Disney Interactive Media Group
  • Disney Interactive Studios
  • Disney Online (
  • Disney Online Studios
  • Disney Mobile
  • El Capitan Theatre
  • The Muppets Studio
  • Playdom
  • Rocket Pack
  • UTV Software Communications


After researching The Walt Disney Company, it was extremely obvious to me that the company has a ridiculous amount of control in the media world. However, the most interesting and eye opening thing that I noticed was how many people this company has effected.


As a young child I grew up loving the Disney movies that we had in our house on VHS. Because of my love for the animated characters and story lines, my parents took me on a magical vacation to Disney World. As I grew older, my favorite channel to watch on TV was Disney.

The Walt Disney Company draws their consumers in at a young age and keeps them interested and engaged for a lifetime. Their wide range of products allows them to keep their customers happy throughout every stage in their life. Whether it’s enjoying an animated film as a toddler or planning a family trip to a theme park in their late 40s, Disney is prominent in every household.