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The Future of the Media

I believe that the media will still be a very strong driving force behind how people get their information in the future.  I think that the new media culture and technology will still have a similar effect, if not a stronger one, on my peers and myself in the future.  Being a Strategic Communications major at DU, I have realized that many of my classes have taught me how to correctly operate social media sites to promote businesses.  Also, as an intern this past fall term, I was in charge of doing majority of the Facebook, Twitter, and blog posts that promoted the festival I was interning for.  A while ago, a major teaching you this line of work was unheard of.  Now, it seems to be a norm throughout many schools (however, they usually call it just Media Studies or Communications). This new major opportunity in colleges leads me to predict that the media will be a very important tool used by all companies in the future, as many are hopping on that bandwagon now.  I think that my peers and I will be using more types of social media outlets and seeing the news on mainly a computer screen in the future.

I think that the future of media and the lives of the future children will be a brighter outlook.  Though I spent most of my time outdoors as a kid and occasionally a computer/video game or two, I feel that the future generation of children will be spending much more time on the newer kid-friendly tablets that they are creating for children.  I will definitely still make my kids play outside, because that is the fun of being a kid, but I think that the new children will be very accustomed to the new technologies since it seems to be a trend that kids 8 years and older have tablets (once saw a 3 year old with an iPad; don’t know the logic behind that one).  The new program that is all over commercials, ABC Mouse, is a testament to how young children are using technology to further their education.  I feel that the new generation of kids will be extremely technologically savvy.

I also predict that many of the social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter, will be slowly filtered out to make way for newer and more efficient social media sites.  I also feel that there will be more social media sites in the future, which has the potential to complicate things.

What began as a futuristic way to send and spread information has now seemed to engulf many people’s lives in a swirl of different social media sites. I for see this trend continuing in the future.  I predict that different forms of media (typically technological media) expanding and the print media slowly dissipating. I hope print media does not die out entirely, but I see it fading into the background by the time our generation has passed on.

The Integration of Technology and Our Lives

Media and society are forever growing. As media evolves, we as a society move with it. I was lucky enough to attend a keynote during fall quarter that was about the growing media technologies we will soon see in households. The speech was giving by one of the high-up professionals that work at NBC Universal. Although I don’t remember his name or exact position, I do remember a little bit he had to say about the future of media.

He talked a lot about the new technologies arising, including Google Glass, which has recently been introduced the public. I agreed with a lot he was saying which ranged from the amazing technology it took to make Google Glass and the ridiculousness of wearing computer glasses. Technologies have grown to a point where instead of using them outside of your day-to-day actives, they have actually been integrated into our social life.

This integration isn’t stopping just yet. At the keynote, they revealed some of the tech being created right now that show this tech and life integration even more. The one that stood out to me was these contacts that act in a similar manner to Google Glass. This stood out to me because all I could think about is putting a tiny computer that close to my eye can’t be safe, but this is a prime example of the integration taking place. I’m constantly baffled by the tech that is being created and it blows my mind that we could even attempt to make contacts that will let us see and search the Internet.

We’re breaking the barrier between life and technology and combining them into this new technological phenomenon that is taking over the world in a sense. This constant integration between our life and the technologies that arise in it, I feel, can be both negative and positive.

We are being consumed. Obsessed with the idea that technology is required to live. Honestly though, in this day and time I couldn’t imagine anyone being completely stable, financially and socially, without technology. Of course you can take an Into the Wild ideal and live alone in the woods but to call that stable is a little foolish. These new media technologies give more immediate and interesting information and are very helpful in that sense. I just wonder if we will ever go to far when it comes to integrating technology in our lives.

BLOG #5: Go Play Outside

In this course we have analyzed media to the fullest, gaining a better understanding of how media works as a whole to influence us and reinforce our norms and societal values/beliefs. The future of media will be interesting to see and experience.

Think of when Facebook came out, something along the lines of the MySpace platform, but growing in popularity quicker, and exceeding MySpace’s members. After Facebook, the next popular social media outlet was Twitter. For myself, I didn’t think social media could expand much more beyond picture and status sharing through the two outlets – the motives of both outlets so far. However, media has bewildered me. From Facebook to Twitter to Flickr, to Instagram, to Tumblr, to Foursquare, etc.,  social media alone has caused those with smartphones to be practically dependent on their wireless device for social order and day – to – day functioning. I can see the punishment of my children in the future to becoming a forceful “Give me your phone, and go play outside”. Its incredible how much social media, and media, all in all, take up our time and attention.

#YOUREGOINGOUTSIDE – Brennan Tracy – Vine


Social media, and media is also changing the way we do business, marketing, all of our jobs, really.  Magazines and newspapers, all have their online “versions” of their writing. Businesses use social media to market services or products, so saying that it influences us and our career practices, is saying the absolute least. Additionally, now being in charge of social media can be a full time JOB.

We rely on media now so much that it influences the way we do anything and everything: work, business, talk, socialize, share thought or ideas, think ourselves, and more.  The overall fact here is that, more and more media advances will come in the future, continuing to influence the way we do things. Society and communication among others, change with these media/technological advances and we have no way to slow them down. We adapt to the media we use and allow them to influence what we do, how we do things, and what we think just because media has a way to reinforce our own so called – values, beliefs, and social norms.

We can’t control and it we are the victims. It will be interesting to see who’s objectified, and what is the “norm” years from now because of what the media tells us.

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